I’m blogging???

So many people have asked and encouraged me to start a blog and well, the time has come. You’re reading the first post on my blog?!? The current plan for this blog is to show you what’s happening with our house – the latest projects and progressions. I’ll throw in some extra things every now and then, but for those who are just joining our DIY adventure, here’s a little history about where we got where we are.

We’re just a couple pursuing our dream. When we were looking for our first house (for over 3 years), being the frugal bargain hunters we are, we started looking at foreclosures. The first time we went to look at the house that we now call home, the realtor didn’t show up, so we did what anyone would do…walked around and looked in the windows. We decided the house wasn’t for us. After a disappointing unaccepted offer on a different house, the price dropped on the one we had ruled out. So we did what we should have done in the first place and called my cousin who was just getting started in real estate and had her show us the house. When we walked in, I saw the woodwork and fell in love. I said “I want this house!” My husband said “Are we in the same house?” To say it needed some work is perhaps the understatement of the century!

After some champion sleuthing, my husband figured out that the house had been empty for over 4 years before we bought it. It took 2 months of work before the house was even habitable. Now a little over a year later, it’s at the point where other people can walk in and see potential. We hope that you’ll be able to see potential in our project too as the days go on.

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One thought on “I’m blogging???

  1. Ashley

    Congrats on the blog! Can’t wait to read more.
    ♥your #1 fan,

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