It’s baaaack…winter, that is

Okay, spill it. Who invited winter back? I arrived home from work Friday night to a dusting of fresh snow in our yard which turned into a blanket by Saturday morning. It’s not as much as we saw just a month ago. Check out that drift in our driveway!

Michael and I spent a couple house working together just making a small path for my car to get out of the garage.The snowblower was not happy about having to take on this task. We had to break it up then run the snowblower through. This is Michael standing on top of the solid 3 foot drift in our driveway – standing and not falling into a deep snow.

The day we closed on our house in December 2009, there was big snowstorm. Our first act as new homeowners was to shovel…yay! This picture is from January 2010, but this January wasn’t too much different.As we shoveled this much drifted snow, it has been decided that we need a snow fence, but I refuse to have an ugly orange plastic fence in my yard. So part of this summer’s outside work is going to be a fence…if we can agree on one. Wrought iron? Cedar picket? We still have some decisions to make. What do you think?

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