Sorry Mom

I asked my fans what they wanted to see next and they chose the kitchen. This isn’t the kitchen, but I just don’t think I’m ready to blog the kitchen yet. It’s coming, I promise. My mom raised me that bathroom talk is not appropriate talk, so sorry Mom, today is bathroom talk day. When you buy a house that is 100 years old, the bathroom is an after thought. After all there wasn’t running water or indoor plumbing when the house was built. The upside to this is that the bathroom is pretty big, I mean someone probably used to sleep in that room. So here is the broad view of the room. Just like the rest of the house was when we bought it…white paint on all the walls.

There were/are quite a few things in this bathroom that need to be changed. While the 8 foot counter is kinda nice to have, it does make the room feel a little more cramped.

The cup holder on the wall? What about that towel rack that is too close to the counter to actually hang a towel on? I never did figure out the purpose of that before it came down. Both will be going in our Debt Snowball garage sale for a whole quarter, just in case you’re seeing them and falling in love. And do you love that shower curtain you can kinda see in the mirror? I’m sorry, but that went straight into the garbage.

For the next picture, I feel like I should give you some fair warning. I’m an advocate of the “I don’t want to look into a toilet when I walk into the room” philosophy. I don’t know why closing the lid on the toilet is so important to me, but it is…it’s kinda crazy really. I love my little brother, but I think this craziness stems from an incident when we were little and he felt the need to put my dress in the toilet. That’s one of my mom’s favorite stories to tell. Anyway, I’m not sure why, but we didn’t feel the need to close the lid on the toilet before taking this picture. Check out those mirrors! Weird, right? Not as weird as on the back of the door (like this) so you’re looking at yourself while you’re…well…you know. Michael would like to replace the mirrors with a TV. Yep, you read that right, a TV. Because it makes complete sense that it could be turned just right to be seen in the mirror above the sink while…well…you know. To be fair, we go to the Parade of Homes every year and he saw it in a bathroom a couple years ago.

I have big plans for this bathroom. I want to put a washer and dryer in the closet, that would do resale wonders! How many 100+ year old houses have a second floor laundry? I want a heated floor covered in period tile like this or this. I also want two copper basin sinks, something like this, on two separate stands. The track lighting will be replaced with something a little less…circa 1987 and the medicine cabinet will also be replaced with something not so…overpowering. Ideally I would also get a claw foot tub in there.  Sometime in the near future, I’d like to build a spa bench-a-la-Ana for under the window. The “kids” love to sit and look out the window in there. But here’s what we have for now, but with a cleaner counter

And gone are those mirrors, replaced with paint. That’s all, just paint. Oh and look, we closed the toilet for this picture…you’re welcome for that.

I have two things that I love about the current bathroom. The first is the storage shelf I built for it. You can see a little bit of a white door in the first picture. There is closet with a bi-fold door that we de-folded. Thanks to some help form Ana, I made this:

Well, I did have a little help from one of my three kids. Here is my Beau watching his mom work. I know he doesn’t look really excited, but that’s pretty much the most excitement Beau shows when there isn’t food or sleeping involved.

The first picture of the shelf may not have looked like much, but here it is installed in the bathroomYep, look at me go! I made that, but I couldn’t have done it without Ana’s genius. It took longer for the paint to dry that it did for me to build it. We can store a lot of stuff in that shelf. We’re a frugal family, we stock up when we find good deals and the challenge is finding a place for it all. I mean where are you going to store 15 body poufs that you pick up on clearance for 90% off? Well, you can store them on the top two shelves of this. If you wanna build your own, check out Ana’s site and find the plans here.

My other favorite part of this current bathroom is that Michael and I actually agreed on a shower curtain. Seriously it took almost 2 years…no exaggeration.

Yes, I know it’s just a great big tree, but we both love it! If you love it as much as we do, you can get one here (but please do me a favor and use a coupon). We still have a dilemma about where to hang wet towels. I’m thinking of cutting four feet off of the counter this summer and putting another Ana project in the corner to hang towels on. What do you think of this to go with the tree theme?

Ana's Coat Tree

What do you think of our bathroom so far? What do you think of upcoming ideas?

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  1. Gary

    Keep the updates coming of anything new ! Love the site !

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