Look what’s Cooking

Okay, all you Midwesterners, how ready are you for grill season?  In our house, summer is grill season. I think we maybe turned on our oven 3 times last summer. Saturday night was our 2nd annual family dinner and we just couldn’t take it any more…we had to grill.

There is one thing about our kitchen that we adore… the door that goes out onto the 3 season porch. That right, we adore a door.  We have our grill on the 3 season porch and we love to have coffee out there on a summer morning so this door gets a lot of use in the summer.The storm door had some broken glass panes that my McDad graciously replaced for us last summer so it was ready for fall. This door was open almost the entire summer last year…I’m all about the fresh air and we like to let our “kids” play outside as much as possible. They love to go sit on the porch and watch the world going on around them. Here’s our babies – Beau and Brady in the first picture and Bella and Brady in the second picture. Aren’t they precious???

Since the door was used a lot on Saturday with the grilling extravaganza, I figured it was only appropriate that I share the door (and kitchen) with you. There is a plan for a total kitchen reno on the horizon, but we’re going to live here for at least 4 years before we totally redo the kitchen. We really couldn’t live with it the way it was on closing day:

The lacy curtains, the really disgusting carpet, the English cottage wallpaper, the cabinet between the windows with the wonderful mirror on it, the bar/island/eyesore. Totally fabulous right??? If you really do love all of that, then you are going to be very disappointed at all the changes we made. Here’s another view (although fuzzy) where you can see a little more of the kitchen.

The first thing that had to go was the curtains and that bar/island/eyesore and the cabinet doors and the wallpaper. Okay, we really couldn’t decide what to start on first so one day we just started ripping into it. I had told Michael that the bar/island/eyesore was on my list of top priorities. In my mind, it had to go and it had to go before we moved in! He was hoping it would grow on me…it didn’t. Once he realized it wouldn’t, he ripped it out one night all by himself. Perhaps I should also tell you that this thing weighs 600 pounds and that’s no exaggeration. My Dad, one of my brothers and Michael tried moving it into the basement on moving day and it didn’t get very far. Anyway, I’m still not sure how Michael got it out of the kitchen and into another room, but he did. I think that was the best surprise I could have gotten! What a guy! But moving that bar, left this 

Did you mutter to yourself “Oh…my…word”? Because I did. Michael says he gets worried every time I say “Look what I want to do” because that is literally translated as “Look what you get to do”. He’s probably right about 50% of the time. But look how much this opened up!

And Michael was able to fix the hole in the floor and fix the hole in the wall and here’s what it looked like as we were still working in there, pre-paint and pre blinds and pre-other stuff, but it is post-wallpaper.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t look that great there, but what about here?

That’s pretty much how our kitchen looks now. All ready for the next family dinner.

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4 thoughts on “Look what’s Cooking

  1. Kristen

    That kitchen has SO much potential! I think it’s quite nice for the here & now, but I know it’s going to be straight out of a magazine when you do your complete reno!

    • I knew you would see potential Kristen! I’ve been designing the kitchen for a year now. Changing things and moving things. I want it to be perfect. The kitchen is the heart of the home right?

  2. Angela

    Wow wow wow! Love it Amy!!

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