It’s a beautiful thing

I have a confession to make. I love shoes! There are few things that can make a day better than the right pair of shoes. Don’t believe me? Here’s my proof…

Here come the shoes…

…and her life changes forever! Isn’t he dreamy?

But, if you’re not careful this

can become like this scene by our front door.

Looks kinda like a Where’s Waldo drawing or something from an I Spy book, doesn’t it? I spy a pair of really cute purple Mary Jane heels (that I got on sale for $11 – holla!!). I spy fun pair of brown heels that make me smile each time I wear them. Okay, I think you get what I’m saying. Check out this post from Laura & Andrea. Whew, we’re not the only ones who have this problem. What to do, what to do. I’m thinking this is a great idea from Ikea (hallelujah).It’s great right? Ashley has two of these for her family of five. Don’t you love what she’s done here? You’d never know there were shoes in there would you? Well, unless you’re an Ikea (hallelujah) junkie like Ashley and me.

So much better than this

With our latte walls and our natural wood, I think that the white cabinets might be a little too modern for our 101 year old house….but I really want them. So, I’m back to “what to do, what to do”. Deal with the color or come up with something else altogether?

I’ve mentioned her website before (here and here), but if you haven’t looked at yet, you definitely should! She migrated her blog to a new site this week and I spent some time today looking through her plans and updating my to do list. I had seen this plan when she posted it and put it on my “to do” list, but it has definitely moved up the list.

Eight inches deep and this should fit right by our door! You see, this week one of my friends from college introduced me to Just Fabulous (here’s their website) and I’ve fallen in love it. A new pair of cute shoes each month? Yes please!!!!

Oh the joy of a cute pair of shoes. Ahhhhhhh. But shoes like this can’t end up in a pile, they’re going to need a home! I’m thinking this might be the place for them

What do you do with your shoes?

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