Dear Punxatawny Phil…

Did you watch in anticipation as Phil came out of the hole on February 2nd? Did you cheer with excitement when he didn’t see a shadow?

Spring is coming, spring is coming!!!! Well Phil, you let me down. Was it just an off day for you? It’s almost April and I’m freezing! I got up this morning and had to build a fire in our wood furnace. I just watched the news and this is what I saw

Are you kidding? SNOW tomorrow?  I know that I live in the Midwest and have for most of my life and therefore I should expect to see snow as late as May, but I just don’t think that is something that I will ever get used to. I went to college in North Carolina (go Heels) and fell in love with the weather there! Lord, take me back…or give me NC weather here. Well, the garden centers are opening, so that means it’s time for spring…regardless of what the Tuesday weather forecast says.

I’ve been trying to decide what to put in front of the house in these pots

Yesterday I was shopping for something for the half bathroom (stay tuned for that change) and walked by some flower bulbs. It was decided. Those pots are dying for some Gladiolas!

Do you ever see things that remind you of your childhood? A little remembrance of a simpler time? When the thing you worried about most was how long your parents were going to let you stay outside and play? Gladiolas and lilies are those things for me. They remind me of going to visit Grandpa Herbie and Grandma Rosie out on the farm in the summer. Grandma would take us around and show us all the flowers she was growing, the newest bird feeders, the veggies growing in the garden and no trip to Grandpa and Grandma’s was complete without a walk through the orchard. But back to the flowers. I think the height of the glads in the pots in front of the house will add interest and will really set off the front door that will be made red this summer

Just like last year, the flowers will stay red, but the variety will change with the season. It started in spring with tulips, then moved to geraniums and before the pots were put away for winter, they were filled with mums. So this year, some red glads! My Aunt Delta is a Master Gardener and I was able to spend some time plant shopping with her last summer. Aunt Delta likes to plant things that mean something. What a great idea! Grandma Rosie’s given name was Verna Rosella so I also can’t wait to get these and get them planted. An Asiatic lily named Rosella’s dream. How perfect is that?

So I started buying plants that mean something. For my master gardener Aunt Delta who has spurred on my love of hostas, a hosta named Delta Dawn

I just planted mine last year, so it does not look like this. But it will some day. I want to turn the west side of our house into a hosta garden. We can’t get grass to grow over there, but I still plan to make it a beautiful yard…just not the conventional yard. I have plans of making it a series of little theme gardens and I can’t wait to get started on the first one. Here’s a couple hints:

Got it? Nope? Does this help?

Still nothing? One more clue

I hope you enjoyed these images of spring.

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