Happy Wife = Happy Life

Yesterday I told you I was out shopping for something for the half bathroom (post here) and told you I would share that soon. Well, thanks to another Michael surprise, this post is coming sooner than I anticipated.

When you take three ordinary vases (that I sent my friend Ashley on a wild goose chase for) from Ikea (hallelujah) like these

add in three red gerbera daisies like these…well, it kinda looks orange here…I need a new camera

then add this

and magically, the window in the half bathroom goes from this

to this

I knew I wanted that window frosted and I went to Menards to get the film for it. A great big roll of film was over $27 and the application kit was over $8. Really? There had to be another solution. I was on my Blackberry frantically searching Lowe’s and Home Depot praying that one of them had something cheaper. Then (thanks to a little help) I found the frosted glass spray paint. I brought it home and showed it to Michael and he said “You want me to paint the window?” Uh huh! Total cost of this little change is less than $10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it…and so does Michael…well, maybe he would say he like it rather than LOVE LOVE LOVE, but you get the idea. Just a couple more things and the half bathroom will be done. I didn’t expect this to be done today, but after 9 years together, Michael is learning happy wife=happy life.

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3 thoughts on “Happy Wife = Happy Life

  1. Kristen

    I LOVE this! Orange gerbera daisies are my favorite flower. 🙂

  2. Concerned Citizen

    There is a better saying, and it goes “HAPPY MAN, HAPPY CLAN”. If you keep your man happy, then he will keep the whole family happy. If your man is not happy for too long, then he may start looking for happiness somewhere else. That would be the end of YOUR happiness.

    • I approved this comment a long time ago because I’m an upfront an honest person. Not everyone is going to agree with me all the time, which is fine. That’s what makes us who we are. I wasn’t going to respond either but someone else was reading this post and suggested I respond so that’s what I’m doing.

      First, I do take some issue to a comment from someone (who I’m guessing I don’t know and refuses to own up to the comment) about the state of my relationship with my husband. No one knows what happens in our house.

      Second, my joy is not based on another person. What a sad life to live if it were. Letting another person dictate when I should and should not be happy? That’s giving a lot of power to others. I think I’d rather be in control of my emotions.

      Third, this is a design blog! Lighten up! No reason to be snarky.

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