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There are a couple reasons that we have a DIY life. The first is that we like to do things on our own and make it personal and the second is because we want to live frugally and be good stewards with what we have been given. There are so many ways to live frugal and one of those ways is couponing! I took a couponing class that my SIL (sister-in-law) Jenna taught and now I’m addicted…to saving money. I’m convinced that couponing will help us get debt free faster and maybe even pay for an Italian vacation. Yesterday was clipping day at our house and here’s what I got

After I organized all of them, I figured out that I need to do some shopping or get another coupon file

Check out what my friend Jen does with her coupons on her blog here. I do okay, but I’ve got nothing on my SIL who got this – keep in mind that there are no stores in our area that double or triple coupons

4 Jumbo Packs of Pampers, 1 Gillette Fusion razor, 6 pkgs Halls Refresh cough drops, 2 Herbal Essences, 3 Vaseline lotion, 2-pk. Robitussin-to-go, 6 pkgs. Theraflu, 4 bottles Emergen-C Immune-boost, 1 Dentek floss picks, 2 rolls Dentek floss, 2 Chapstick Fresh Effects, 5 mini hilighters. For a grand total of $13.73, $9.08 of that was state sales tax.

My long lost sister/friend Kristen is equally as amazing at it

Here’s what she said about this picture “$213.12 for $1,188.57. Not everything is shown, b/c well, we use the stuff I buy! And the 12 or 15 (honestly not sure how many) milk catalinas aren’t pictured, but we’re certainly enjoying free milk!”

I’m just learning this whole couponing thing and I’ve been so fortunate to have the help of my couponing genius SIL. I did get Silk soy milk this week for $.54 by stacking a $2.00 of one 1/2 gallon and a $1.50 off 2 coupon! I was also just thrilled when I got 2 packages of Charmin (9 mega rolls) for $7.99 each and got a $5 Target gift card to use later. I know we could probably get other tp cheaper, but that is one of our brand loyal things…that and Viva paper towels.

Are you a couponer? Expert? Beginner? Aspiring to be? How you you store your coupons?

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2 thoughts on “All about the Q

  1. Thanks for linking up!! I really need to do an updated post, probably broken down into sections, with more current details.

    Those two photos and details are amazing!! I LOVE free stuff and great deals!! 🙂

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