Come Gather on Our Porch

When I was growing up our house had a porch and I remember spending so many summer days out on our porch.  When I was living in Switzerland I loved sitting out on the patio having coffee or eating dinner. So, ten years before we bought our house, I knew there was one non-negotiable when we were looking…a porch. I tell Michael “Friendships are made and kept on porches”. We hit the porch jackpot with our house. We have a 3 seasons porch and a massive deck but like most things in our house, they were both in need of some TLC. The deck will be stained this summer (along with a lot of other outdoor projects) and we’ll be building furniture for it (remember the chairs-a-la-Ana from this post) but there was one thing on the deck to-do list that was high on the list.

That 802 that made our deck look like a driveway into a Texas ranch had to go! One day as it was getting ready to rain, Michael and I got out the power tools…yeah, sometimes we’re smart like that. In a matter of minutes it was gone thanks to our trusty sawsall! We’ll be back with an after picture after this word of advice from our sponsor: If you’re going to buy an old house, a sawsall is a must! Okay, no sponsors, but it is true and here’s the picture

This is more like a during picture because then we got out the trusty Hitachi drill and added these on either side of the steps

We have these on both sets of steps on the deck. Here is one lit up at night

I’m so excited to get outside and keep working on our deck.  When we’re done, we’ll have you over for a BBQ. Come gather on our porch…sit long, talk much, laugh often.

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