Ahhh Caffe

Sherwin-Williams Latte

It all started with Ashley…it’s all her fault. She sent me a picture of her kitchen that she used the S-W color visualizer on. Then she just did it and loved it. After the nightmare we went through trying to pick a color for the upstairs hallway…

…we decided to take a page from the “Book of Ash” and test out the latte. PS Thank you S-W for your little samples. Now latte is the color throughout most of our first floor. But it didn’t stop there…latte also invaded Noreen’s house.  Ashley, Noreen and I all bought our houses around the same time, so we’ve been decorating them all around the same time. It’s been fun exchanging ideas and going to the Parade of Homes together. If you’re looking for a good neutral color with a hint of greenish tint, you should definitely try turning your house into a cafe too.

For those of you who know me, have you ever read my blog and wondered who Noreen is? I’ve mentioned her here, here and here but never told you that Noreen…..is an alias for one of my work BFFs. When I first did this post, if you read it fast, you saw Noreen’s real name. I went to work and Noreen said “I want a fake name like Michael“. She picked her own name…not quite sure where Noreen came from, but she just blurted it out from the other side of the wall one day. Noreen and I have worked together for about three years now…until yesterday. I know she left for a better opportunity for herself and I’m happy for her, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have mixed feelings about it. I’m going to miss things like this April Fools gift for our boss courtesy of Noreen (please forgive the not-so-great Blackberry picture)

and these pictures she drew for me (another Blackberry picture). I’ve had the bottom one for about 2 years now…not quite sure why, but I found it in a drawer after Noreen left work yesterday, so back up on the wall it went

Occasionally I could even talk her into helping me with a DIY project (Noreen’s not much of a crafty gal). Like when she made my Dad’s wedding announcements and when I actually got her to use a glue gun to make little s’more guys out of fun foam. Her job was to glue the chocolate to the graham cracker

Don’t worry, ya’ll haven’t heard the last about Noreen. I’m excited to follow up with her progress on her house in this Midwest “forest”

They just replaced trim and doors, but I have yet to see pictures. Hint, hint Noreen! Here’s a beautiful winter picture at Noreen’s too

I know that she’ll be busy with her new job and splitting all this wood for next winter

and with her new baby

How adorable is Ryder? What a cutie patootie. We’re both also training for a Tutu Trot 5K run for which I will get her to bedazzle rhinestones on our tutus (and I use the word training very loosely). If you’re in our area, you should definitely come run with me and Noreen…it’s all to celebrate a little 4 year old girl’s birthday and help pay for her cancer treatment. Check out the event deets here. We also decided to run the Chicago Half Marathon in September…what were we thinking?!?!? We better get moving if we’re going to make it to the end on two feet.

So, now you’ve met Noreen. I’m sure you haven’t heard the last of Noreen and Ashley adventures…stay tuned!

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