All in a day’s work…or a weekend

If you want to hear a little more about our Ikea (hallelujah) trip, then this post is for you. If you missed the first post, you can find it here. Fortunately when we got to Ikea (hallelujah) we got to try out these fab chairs.

In case you missed the first post, that’s my niece Evalee, the fantastic little road-tripper. You all know that I love Ikea (hallelujah), right? How could you not know? I mean I hear angels sing the hallelujah chorus as the mere mention of it. I love everything about Ikea (hallelujah)…except their $.99 breakfast. But we’re going to keep this positive so here’s a great picture of my mom and Evalee from breakfast at Ikea (hallelujah)

Of course we had to get a car cart and Evalee knew just what to do. Put on your seat belt and put your Dora purse in the seat next to you.

Then later when no one is looking Auntie Amy will let you sit on top of the car instead of in it

Remember the light that I wanted for our 3 seasons porch (post here)? Well, I finally got to see it in person and I love it even more! Evalee was kind enough to snap this picture for me

So can you tell who the star of this trip was yet? You see, I subscribe to a strict “Spoil them rotten then send them home to my siblings” philosophy when it comes to my nieces and nephews. I almost feel sorry for my brothers and sisters…well maybe not. All in all, Chi town was AWESOME! I got a ton of stuff, Evalee got to have this chocolate cake

Mom got all new glasses so when people come over all their glasses match and Jenna got to use one of those neat Target carts

We all got to share this at Rainforest Cafe

In the end it helps to remember this

Good thing the craziest thing we did was make sure we made it to Dollar Tree on Saturday night to get the early edition of the Trib with all those coupons. I’m okay with that being on facebook. Oh wait, I think I’m the one who put it on there.

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