All Sagey

On our trip to Chi town last weekend we took a stop in TJ Maxx because they’re all different. I FINALLY got rugs for the main bathroom.

Beau was pretty excited about it

Believe it or not, that is Beau’s excited face. Look at those rugs all nice and sagey and laying flat. That did not last long…not long at all…the flat part. If you ask Brady and he answers you, first you might want to go talk to someone about that because he’s a cat. Second, he would swear up and down that there is something hiding under our rugs and he can do that because he probably put it there. Brady has these little sparkly pom pom toys that he almost always has with him. I put the rugs down on Saturday night and Sunday morning woke up to this

The most common phrase heard in our house: BRADY!!!! I was a nanny for twin boys and Brady wears me out more than they did…but of course I love my little one. I was at BB&B (Bed Bath & Beyond) this week and got some rug backing. Of course I got a bigger one than I needed for $9.99 and took a pair of scissors to it so it would fit both rugs. This will do it. Less than an hour later, I found this

I told you it was Brady. That’s him sitting back there by the towels that he pulled out too. If he wasn’t so sweet and adorable, I would probably be upset. Who knows how we can Brady-proof the rugs in the Bathroom? Beau would really like to have the flat rug back to sit on. If you’re wondering. Bella just rolls her eyes at Brady. Yep, she can do that…maybe not.

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