If you want me to

I’ll give you a fair warning, this post has nothing to do with DIY, but it’s a glimpse into our life. Two weeks ago…

Me: You know that Mother’s Day is coming up and our kids are too young to go shopping by themselves.

Michael: Yeah, that’s why they can’t go shopping.

This Mother’s Day, I feel so blessed to be a mom to our three fur-babies. I’ve introduced you to our kids before here, here and here. There are a lot of people who don’t understand why we call our cats our kids or why they are so important to us.  Michael and I believe that we can’t complain about people not understanding if we aren’t willing to educate…about anything. Kellie Coffey definitely can say it better than I can

Bella came to live with us when she was just 9 weeks old as a late birthday present for Michael. She was just a tiny little thing that quickly became our little princess

A year later Michael brought home Beau. He was a sweet cat that used to hang out with Michael while he would work on cars in my dad’s garage. We kept saying that we would bring him to live with us when we had a house but one night, Michael couldn’t wait anymore. Beau had gotten in a fight with another cat and had a very hurt leg. We’re not sure he would have made it and we’re so glad that we didn’t wait

Not long after we moved into our house, there were two outside cats that adopted us. Sly was a gray tiger cat and Issa was a tabby cat that we fell in love with. They spent many cold nights warming themselves on our three season porch but refused to come inside. We noticed that Issa started to get a big belly and then one day when Michael saw her, she was skinny again. We searched and searched and searched for those kittens. When I say that we searched, it was an elaborate spectacle that I’m sure amused the neighbors greatly. One attempt involved Michael running around on the second floor looking out the windows relaying Issa’s traveling direction with a 2 way radio so I could stealthily sneak around and find the kittens. Sadly we never found them. Then this little kitten started showing up last summer. We would see it from across the yard, but could never get close to it. One night we trapped it on the porch and with a long sleeved shirt and leather gloves, I was able to finally get to sit with him. A few weeks later this little kitten somehow got stuck in our garage for a couple days. Michael found him when he was working on my car and Brady moved into our house “just until he’s better”. Almost a year later and I will never let Brady go…he’s mine for always!

Sure they aren’t typical kids, but they are our kids who gave me this for Mother’s Day

Since my old wireless mouse broke, I’ve really been missing it. The kids got me a new wireless mouse for my laptop to go with my new laptop desk from IKEA (hallelujah). I love it and Bella’s happy when I’m happy.

I hope that this Mother’s Day, you spent some time with someone special. Remember those who walk in the steps of Hannah and share in her struggles from so long ago. If you know someone in the midst of the struggle with infertility, I recommend you check out Resolve or Stepping Stones.

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3 thoughts on “If you want me to

  1. beautiful post! Thinking of you and others who walk the path of Hannah. Your fluffy babies are lucky to have you.

  2. Jenna

    Been thinking about you all day today. *hug* Love you!

  3. Kristen

    I’m so behind and just now catching up on your blog. I’d never heard that Kellie Coffey song. Not a dry eye here. Infertility sucks. I love you and your babies.

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