Gettin’ my paint on

A little over a week ago my mom, SIL Jenna, my niece Evalee and me went on our  (now annual and maybe semi-annual) trip to Ikea (hallelujah) for Mother’s Day. When I got in the van there was a card sitting on my seat from Beau, Bella & Brady aka B3. A Mother’s Day card with a little extra shopping money for Ikea (hallelujah). I had a tentative shopping list so I wouldn’t overspend and there were two things that might have fallen below the yellow line and been eliminated were it not for the early Mother’s Day present. Here they are

I got two of these for our bedroom bedside tables cause right now we are using the light of the television. But you’ve seen enough pictures of our house to know that we’re not doing the brushed nickel/chrome/satin silver thing in our house. Actually everything is copper or oil rubbed bronze or something kinda like it. We think it just goes with the era and feel of our house, so these little lamps were going to need to get some paint on. If you’re a fellow Young House Love or Lovely Crafty Home fan you’ve seen what John & Sherry and Rachael can do with a can of oil rubbed bronze paint like this one

Now it was my turn. First of all, if you live in my area, I’ll save you some headaches of trying to find this if you want to use it. Home Depot was the only place that had it and I mean only. Since these were an early Mother’s Day present from my kids I thought it only fitting that I tackle this project on Mother’s Day with them watching intently. So I opened the box and decided this would be easy.

See, Beau really was trying to help and Bella was really excited about the boxes they came in.

I inserted a Step 1.5 in here

I took a little table off the porch and headed out to the grass…maybe a little paint will kill all those dandelions. One down, one to go

A couple hours in the bright sun and the typical spring breeze we had going on and these were dry. I brought them inside and put the shades on and voila

My early Mother’s Day present is ready for the bedroom.

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6 thoughts on “Gettin’ my paint on

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love the transformation! I have the same lamp sitting on my ORB entry table LOL!

    • I’ve found so many things for our house that I love but only in silver. I can tell I’m going to develop a love affair with this paint…and I have you to thank Rachael 🙂 I can’t wait to try your paper on the stairs project this summer on the steps to “The Man Cave”.

  2. Jenna

    Those look super-awesome!!!

    • We love them too! B3 did good…with a little help from their Auntie Jenna 😉 Now we just need to build a couple new nightstands to put them on and we’ll be golden.

  3. Kristen

    They turned out fabulous!

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