The road…er sidewalk to nowhere

When you buy and old neglected house, it’s not only the house that needs TLC, but the yard does too. Last year ours definitely needed some help! We closed on our house right before the first big snow of the year in 2009 so we knew our sidewalks were somewhere under the 14 inches of snow that made it’s way to our yard, but really had no idea where. Since the house had been empty for over 4 years it also took some time for the plow driver to remember that they couldn’t pile snow in our yard anymore. But after all the snow melted we were able to find our sidewalks…kinda.

Sidewalk to the west

The walkway to the front door wasn’t as bad, but still needed some help

I almost forgot the before pictures when we started in on the walkway from the front door to the deck

I come from a family of gardeners (see this post) and making the outside look good is important to us too. Plus we love spending time outside in the summer so we our yard to be an oasis. Last summer was a lot of finding out what we had…like this beautiful peony that we found planted by the garage.

Our house had been empty so long that it had blended in as part of the landscape. Last fall I went to a party at a neighbor’s house and met some more neighbors. They mentioned how nice it was to see the changes that had been going on. Our house looked lived in and it looked like someone cared. Woohoo!!! That’s what we wanted. We’re hoping for “most improved” over the course of the next few years. It all started with clearing off the sidewalks.

Door to deck

Door to road

Finally the sidewalk to the east

Who knew there was a sidewalk there? In uncovering the sidewalk we realized that we need to replace the sidewalk…one thing at a time though. I would really love to not have plain boring squares of concrete but have something more like this that I found on Pinterest this week

Wouldn’t that look fabulous? I think it’s a project that will have to wait until next summer…the project list for this summer is already quite large.  What do you have on your summer to do list?

On a personal note, a year ago today Michael and I made the trip to Wisconsin with my Dad, brother, SIL Jenna & niece Evalee. While there I gained a mom, two brothers, two sisters, three nieces and two nephews. After fifteen years Dad and Cora finally got married. Happy 1 year anniversary!!

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2 thoughts on “The road…er sidewalk to nowhere

  1. Jenna

    I love that walkway thing! I want a pathway from the side of our driveway connecting to the little walkway between the sidewalk/front porch eventually and I’m thinking that looks rather neat!!

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