This is how I roll

It’s confession time again (see the first one in this post). I have a new addiction…pinning. I know that I’m not alone because I’ve seen some of you there too. Who else uses Pinterest? I have found so many awesome things on there! Michael cringes when I’m “Pinterestin” (that’s his term) because I find things like this that I have to do

What's that lady doing with my trellis?

But sometimes I just find things that make me smile, laugh or inspire me. Those things go on my “This is How I Roll” board – hence the title of this post. Here are some of my favorites

This one is more interesting if you read this post

I found this one the day we had to say goodbye to Brady and I just cried

So, what about you? Are you addicted to pinning? Any good ones you want to share? Do you want to pin, but you need an invite? Just shoot me an email!

I hope something here made you smile, laugh or inspired you. Whatever you do…

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4 thoughts on “This is how I roll

  1. Rita

    The cat play house is a good idea. I can also see something like that for bunnies. It beats the ones I have seen around here high off the ground.

  2. LOVE your pins… but is that cage up top in amazing!!!

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