I never had a chance

My grandmas are/were very creative women. They worked with different things, but I’ve been so inspired by both of them.

Grandma Betty (my dad’s mom) could sew up a storm. A couple years ago, I decided I was going to inherit her ability to reupholster furniture. We’ll just say that I gave it the ol’ college try. The couch was probably not a good starting point so I think I’m going to try it again but on a smaller scale. A couple months ago, we got some chairs that were Grandma and Grandpa’s that need to have new cushions put on them…to replace the cushions that Grandma put on them 25-ish years ago. One of my favorite projects of Grandma’s was this tree. She took some of my great-grandma’s jewelry and made this that hung in Grandma and Grandpa’s house for years.

Now it hangs in our house. It was actually the first thing to make it’s home on one of our walls in our house. It’s on the wall right as I go in the door to my creative space/craft room. The thing I remember most about Grandma is how much she loved her family, how she always took care of all of us. I see this every morning and I remember her and I remember that my family is what is important…however non-traditional it may be.

Grandma Rosie (my mom’s mom) was a quilter, a gardener and the smartest woman I have been privileged to know. Last year in a really round about way, I got this quilt that Grandma made.

She would use all kinds of scrap fabric from wherever she found it, like from Grandpa’s old shirts. She used old army blankets instead of batting and she tied most of her quilts with yarn. Grandma belonged to a  quilt club and she would make quilts and donate them to various charities. Grandma just liked to sew, so a year ago when my dad was helping my youngest brother go through some things and found this quilt that Travis had gotten from one of his friends he knew it was one that Grandma had made. Now it lives at our house as a reminder to be generous with what we have been blessed with.

Grandma and Grandpa bought me my first sewing machine which sat unused for a long time because I had so many issues when I would try to sew (not unlike this scene – boy am I glad I wasn’t the only one). Maybe I got more patient as I got older or maybe Grandma’s sewing gift finally made it’s way to me. Regardless, I did make these shams for our old bedroom

Designed, cut (from two flat sheets that I paid less that $2 each for) and sewn all by me. Yay me!

Anyway, my newest hopeful project is for Miss Ashley. Ashley and her husband are expecting bun number 4 in November…right around my birthday.  Since I’m convinced that Ashley is going to get her girl after 3 boys and that November 22nd is going to be the lucky day that baby comes I have to do something really special. Ashley loves the houndstooth pattern! Love may be an understatement there. So when I found this houndstooth baby quilt on Pinterest the only question was “What colors do you want Ashley?”

She’s going traditional, in case you were wondering. Even if bun is a boy and doesn’t come meet the world on my birthday,  I’m still making the quilt.

Grandma Jean (McDad’s mom) is a very gifted quilter. She has a sewing room that any quilter would be jealous of complete with a design wall for her to hang stuff on. I know that if run into problems, I can just run to her house and she can bail me out. I also enlisted the help of some of my facebook friends for suggestions on how to make my first quilt. The consensus was simple pattern and straight cuts…oh and patience.

Yesterday at my 15 year class reunion (15 years…oh…my…word) I saw one of my high school friends Melissa. Melissa works at a sewing center and designs beautiful fabric. Check out this quilt that Melissa’s mom and her made with some of Melissa’s fabric

Gorgeous! With that talent, I’m going to take any advice she has while I make my first quilt. Her first piece of advice yesterday was to start with something simpler than the houndstooth like squares or lines. As we were leaving the reunion Melissa said “Let me know if you need help sewing.” You may regret those words before long my dear old friend.

This morning I went through my stash of fabrics and found some cute polka dot stuff in pink and black that should be enough for a baby quilt. I’m thinking that I’m going to try squares since the houndstooth quilt is mostly about squares so it will be good practice. Stay tuned for my first quilting adventure. For now, here’s a sneak peek

As you can see, with my grandmas, I never had a chance to not be creative.

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