185 feet of foil & 2 hours

Early this week at work, someone made a mistake when he told me when his birthday was. Cue the evil laugh – Muahahaha. I immediately emailed Noreen and said “help me think of something”. Noreen didn’t miss a beat and came back with aluminum foil…lots and lots of aluminum foil. Fortunately we had a few days to plan, so I had plenty of time to search all over town for the best price on aluminum foil and do some recruiting. Who would have thought that bargain hunting would be the key to my undoing, but more on that later. We did some online research and found out that it would take 500 square feet f foil (proof you can find anything on the internet), so I emailed my mom, Jenna & Ashley and said “I need an aluminum foil deal”. Turns out I had missed a great deal by a couple weeks…boo. It also turns out that it didn’t take nearly as much foil for Dan’s desk as our research had shown, so it all worked out in the end. Dollar tree had the best price, in case you were wondering…but I do still have 10 rolls of foil that I would be willing to part with.

Thursday came and I had 16 rolls of aluminum foil sitting under my desk. In hindsight I would have hid it somewhere else because I was nervous all day that Dan would walk by and see it sitting here and our plan would be foiled (yep, I thought of that pun all by myself)

I did some more recruiting that day and got one more volunteer to help – thanks Andre! I took the foil to Dan’s desk and took some before pictures

Andre got started on the foiling while I finished with work.

Then I headed over to finish it up. A little over an hour later and this is what we had accomplished

On my way to work Friday morning I stopped and got a silver happy birthday balloon to add that finishing touch.

In that picture you can see the sea of cubicles. It’s a long walk from the front door all the way back to Dan’s desk (I’ve heard that the building is 1 1/2 football fields long and wide) so he may have been looking at this balloon with an uh oh feeling the whole walk to his desk. I don’t know though because he doesn’t know for sure it was me (and Andre) yet. Well after reading this post, he probably knows. Ya see, Dan IM’d me Friday morning and said “You should see my desk.” I went along and pretended like I didn’t know what had happened, went over to see the desk and had to act like it was all new to me and when the “IT WAS YOU!!!!” IM popped up, denied or confirmed nothing, but totally played it off like it was someone else. I told you that my bargain hunting was the key to my undoing, well he also said “Knowing you, you got some kind of deal on foil”. Last I knew he thought that I just bought the supplies and I knew who really did it…which is all accurate. Just so you know Dan, Christie was my first volunteer to help, but had a sick child so she couldn’t help. She remembered a story though about you thinking that this was hilarious when it happened to someone else…ahh poetic justice.

If this is something that you would like to DIY – which is probably the only option for something like this – here are the details

1. Attention to detail is highly important. We wrapped every piece of candy in a bowl, we wrapped the Christmas train salt and pepper shakers, we wrapped an interoffice envelope, we wrapped a trash can, we wrapped a bag of Cheetos…we wrapped everything!

2. Depending on how much someone has on their desk you might need more than 180 square feet of foil, but I can’t imagine it taking 500 for a 6×6 cube

3. Buy your foil at Dollar Tree unless it’s on sale somewhere. I checked Target, Walgreens, WalMart (those who know me, know that for me to check WM is a big deal…I’m kinda anti-WM)

4. Get some volunteers to help. I would have been totally burnt out had Andre not spent 45 minutes wrapping before I started wrapping.

5. It was worth every penny and every bit of time we spent. I overheard conversations about this all day long. If you work with me and want to see the masterpiece in person, stop by Monday morning and see it…it’s all still wrapped!

Before and afters anyone

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