Soooo Scary

I’m not scared of many things. I’m afraid of the things that people are usually afraid of like losing my family. I’m afraid of the normal girl stuff too. The snakes, creepy little bugs, the dark…you know, the reasons we get married. I’m about to reveal to you just how neurotic I am. I have one fear that makes no rational sense at all. Are you ready for it? Here it is

Walmart scares me and most of my friends know this. It used to be because I spent 25 minutes waiting in the express lane one day, but I’ve become more neurotic as I’ve gotten older and I just really dislike going there. A couple times a year I have to go there for one reason or another. This this weekend I had to go there.

I talked Ashley into having a Revealing the Bun party. Her ultrasound is July 1st and that night some of their friends and family are heading to her house for a fab party (organized by yours truly) so we can share in the fun as Ashley and her husband and their three boys find out if Bun number four is going to be made of snips, snails and puppy dog tails or if there will finally be sugar, spice and everything nice joining Ashley in their house. As soon as I got her to agree to this little shindig I started planning…well, since I’m being honest in this post, I really started planning before she agreed to it. Of course there has to be a theme for decorating and I found these one night on Pinterest then ran it by Ashley

Of course all the decorations will be pink, brown and blue. While I think that Bun is going to be a girl, we have to decorate for both. But I started searching for balloons, plates, napkins and all that good stuff. I checked everywhere on our side of town and couldn’t find brown plates or balloons so I had to make the trip. I was sure to tell Ashley that I was going to Walmart…I’m definitely getting I’m-an-awesome-friend points for that one. I made my way around the store and found this aisle before too long.

Ahhh, this was going to be easy….maybe not

No brown square plates. Boo. So I could do rotating blue and pink and get brown napkins. Yeah, that might work. But the pinks and blues aren’t in the same size. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, the plates have to be square to have a slight contrast to the polka dots and the tissue paper pom poms that are going to be everywhere. See, I told you I was neurotic.

There was no way I could make this a wasted trip to Walmart so I decided to take a stroll through fabric department, you know, just in case there was something I couldn’t live without. Wouldn’t you know it, Walmart went and surprised me.

I’m soooo in love! There goes my I’m-an-awesome-friend points. Thank you Ashley for letting me plan the partaaaay so I had to go to Walmart and find this fabric, I owe you one…like maybe a revealing the bun party? I brought it it home and Michael loved it too. Hopefully it will soon find it’s forever home in our house, but I have to work up the courage to go get more thanks to two little words – seam allowances. Stay tuned for where this fabric is going to end up.

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