DIY Reality

I’m not a sugar coating kind of gal unless it’s on a doughnut. I’m a pretty straight forward kind of gal so you can expect to get that from me. When you DIY something, you’re bound to run into problems. Last night, the scene at our house was something like this

That might be a little dramatic. Anyway, our new(ly renovated) grill began it’s first cooking adventure of pork chops and french fries. About 5 (maybe less) minutes after putting the lid on, it went from this

to this

I was sitting peacefully on the porch pinning my evening away when Michael walked out onto the porch and his face turned to something like this

Okay, not quite, but you get where I’m going with this. After the hours and hours of time he put in on the paint, he was not exactly excited about it. I think he went through the stages of grief.

  1. Denial – This can’t be happening
  2. Anger – I spent hours on this!
  3. Bargaining – Well at least you can do an update to your blog post for your readers so no one else has the same problem
  4. Depression – I’m reading reviews on this paint to see if anyone else has these problems (I think this one was short)
  5. Acceptance – Make sure you get pictures before you go to bed because it’s being sanded tonight (hence the not so great picture above)

This post is for number three above and because I’ll always be honest with you – remember “straight forward kind of gal”. That’s how I roll. We figured out the reason why it happened so definitely wanted to share it in case you decide to copper-fy your grill. Notice the places the primer was are the same places that the paint bubbled and lifted.

We didn’t think that a thin coat of primer would hurt…we were wrong. So if you have spots that need primer, use the high heat paint as your primer. Michael did some looking online and couldn’t find a high heat primer. So we’re another can of paint into our restoration, but now we know! Michael is waiting for the delivery of another can of paint and then he’ll be able to repaint the lid. We just wanted to let ya’ll know about the problem ASAP since this project received so many comments on FB, we were afraid that someone else might be trying it on this long weekend. I promise to post after pics of the grill…again.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Reality

  1. Artie

    Did you guys sand the grill before you painted it? How is it holding up?

    • We did sand it before it was painted. The hubs paints cars so he approached it the same way. We are going to repaint it again. We didn’t get it put away this year before it snowed and the first snow came with ice so it doesn’t look like it used to. We’re going to use the same paint as we did before.

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