There’s a Storm a Brewin’

Michael: “Amy? Amy?”

Me: “What?”

Michael: “There’s a storm coming. We might have to go to the basement. I’ll come get you if we do. You can go back to sleep”

Me: “Can you bring in my petunias that I planted yesterday?”

Michael: “Sure. There’s laundry out on the line too.”

Me: “Yeah, I forgot to take that down. I’ll go get it.”

That was the conversation that I woke up at 4:45 to have with Michael yesterday morning. Welcome to Monday! There was a storm coming…a big one. Not 5 minutes after Michael got the petunias inside and I got the laundry off the clothesline, the power went off. Less than 2 minutes after that, the sirens went off. It’s a common sound to hear in Iowa in the summer. You grab your stuff and head to the basement. Michael got Bella, I got Beau and we headed downstairs where we sat listening to the wind howl down the chimney and I wondered if we were going to end up with our very own Mr. Bickley.

A couple weeks ago we endured another storm that came with hail and high winds. While it didn’t hit us, most of my family got the brunt of the storm. My brother and SIL had a limb come off their tree and it went straight onto their roof taking a power line with it.

My three year old niece, Evalee, has one of the most amazing imaginations! The tree limb was affectionately named Mr. Bickley. She would wake up from naps and have to check on Mr. Bickley. When the electric company came and cleared Mr. Bickley off the power line my brother informed her that Mr. Bickley was gone she responded with “Yep, I think he’s at Grandma’s.” See, imagination! So now, in our family, downed tree limbs are referred to as Mr. Bickleys.

Monday morning when we emerged from the basement at 5:30ish, Michael went to look outside and I went to get ready for work…by candlelight. I’m still not sure how I made it through the day without my flat iron. One thing I’m entirely sure of is that I would not have survived in pioneer days. Back to the storm. We had a lot of baby Bickleys in our yard and perhaps a Mama Bickley that we aren’t positive that came from our tree.  Here they are chillin’ in the truck post storm

Mr. Bickley evidently wanted to visit our neighbors across the street instead of us. Don’t worry, our feelings were not hurt.

See the blurred leaves in the picture? It was still really really windy when I was taking the pictures

Our mailbox is under there somewhere, it’s that green one that you can barely see. Side note: pretty up our mailbox is on my list of things to do

Forgive the Blackberry picture please. By the time I got home from work Mr. Bickley was gone, but I’m pretty sure that he didn’t go join the other Mr. Bickley “at Grandma’s house.”

Thanks to the wind we’ll be getting a new flagpole

Our poor hydrangea bush took a beating

My coneflower didn’t fare well either. I’m not sure if that’s going to pop back up

This lily’s first bloom of the year didn’t last long. Fortunately there’s another one just waiting to bloom. Some of the leaves are bent and broken, but I think it will still be okay

This lily came through the storm completely unscathed

All of our plants can be replaced, but Brady‘s Rose of Sharon has that sentimental value that we can’t replace. I was quite worried about it, but it still looks beautiful!

I was also worried about this little bunny with a white cotton tail who has been living in our yard and keeps letting me get a little bit closer every day. I’m not sure where bunny hid during the storm, but we did see him/her Monday night, so we know it’s okay.

We didn’t get hit as bad as some towns around us

Image Courtesy of the Gazette

We’re pretty used to tornadoes around here but I’ve never seen just wind do this.  Today, things are starting to look better. Clean up has begun and crews are working to bring power back. We were only without power for 9-10 hours while others are still waiting for it to come back on. With the way we help each other out around here, we’ll get back. Slowly but surely, we’ll recover. It’s what we do here in Iowa.

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2 thoughts on “There’s a Storm a Brewin’

  1. Brittany

    Oh good lord! I would be chopping down all the trees I could get my chainsaw to! Glad to see all of your Mr. Bickleys are just visiting and not making themselves at home, though. I guess you can just rest assured each visit is the last one that particular Mr. Bickley will be making, right?

    • We have some trees that I’m surprised didn’t lose large limbs. We burn wood in the winter for heat, so a few occasional limbs aren’t a bad thing 🙂

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