Gimmie S’more

The ooey gooey ‘shmallowy goodness of smores makes my face light up like fireworks on the 4th of July. I even have a board on Pinterest all about smores. Smores are such an easy treat! Chocolate, graham cracker and a marshmallow.

This is what we do after we finish grilling.

A few months ago my dad and Cora took Michael, my sisters, my youngest brother and me out for dinner for our birthdays. Dessert was roasted marshmallows. The owner of the restaurant brought out Ziploc bags of marshmallows, bamboo skewers and some sterno gel for my niece and nephew to roast marshmallows. She just happened to have an extra so you better believe I was right there to take that one. Why should they have all the fun? I maintain that this is why Auntie Amy is their favorite aunt (that’s right Nicole, Lindsey, Jenna & Lindsee, I said it), because I don’t act a whole lot different than them sometimes. Landon, Mikayla and I sat there roasting marshmallows till our heart’s content. I think Landon and Mikayla were more interested in setting them on fire and blowing them out. What a fun time with them though!

When we went to a BBQ and my brother Jeff & SIL’s house one night this summer, Michael and I brought stuff for smores! I found some giant campfire marshmallows and had to get them, knowing all the while that they would probably just make a big mess, but they would be delish so it would be worth it all. I was also dying to try smores with a Reese’s peanut butter cup instead of plain chocolate thanks to this pin

Which was, in the words of Jenna “going to be epic”. Evalee and I roasted giant marshmallows

and then tried to eat the smores…the operative word being tried.

She ended up with more on her face than she actually ate.

I think she might be more of a mini marshmallow smores in the toaster oven fan

When I was a child (instead of just child-like now) whenever the power would go out, we would get out the marshmallows and sticks and light the flame on the gas stove and roast marshmallows. Ahhh, so many blissful sugar highs in the dark. Perhaps that’s why I love them so much. Maybe it’s because I so love summer nights spent around a campfire. This one courtesy of my bro the pyro (look at me rhyming)




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