The Sky is Falling

When you first walk into a house and fall in love with it immediately, you probably don’t expect that one of the first things that you see is going to be a ceiling that has fallen in. That’s exactly what happened with our house.

The ceiling had to be redone before we moved in, for obvious reasons and Michael took on that task. We decided to do something more permanent than just replacing the squares. Bring on the drywall! First all the square tiles had to come down. In this picture you can see the snazzy English cottage wallpaper that was in the kitchen.

Next the rails that attached those squares to the ceiling had to come down

See that blown in insulation between the floor joists? We think that’s what made the ceiling fall in the first place, but at least we knew the north wall of the house was insulated. The wind blows across the corn field and neighbors’ yard and right into the front of our house, so knowing there is insulation in them there walls is great!

When you’re putting drywall on a ceiling, we recommend that you spend the money to rent one of these

Somehow, this contraption takes a big piece of drywall and puts it up on the ceiling. Michael says it’s easy to use and I’ll take his word for it. The difficult part is that in an old house like ours, the joists were not evenly spaced so when it came to actually attaching the drywall to the joists, that proved to be a little more difficult…so I’m told. What I can tell you is that when I came back to the house the ceiling looked like this (including the dust in the air)

So much better than open floor joists already! Over the next couple days, Michael thought it would be fun to play with mud

After some paint on the ceiling and the walls we were left with this

The floor is another story for another day. We’d also like to change the light in there to something a little more grand, but for now the $7 Menards find is working splendidly. That’s it in a nutshell. Drywalling a ceiling. Keep in mind that when Michael was doing that 19 months ago, we had no idea this would someday be on the internet for all to see…we would have taken better pictures. We promise to give you better step by step when we finally redo the ceiling in the living room

That room has changed so much already. That will be another story for another day too!

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2 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling

  1. Jenna

    I love looking back on your pics! The house has certainly come a long way!!!!

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