Bottle it up

I’ve been wanting a blue bottle tree for a long time then when I saw this one at the Garden Walk the tree moved further up the list

I made a plea for blue bottles and have gotten a few and more coming. Today I thought I needed to start looking for some ideas so I can figure out exactly how our tree is going to look. Here are some of my favorites

I think mine will be a combination of some of these. In the meantime, feel free to save me your blue bottles. Word on the street is that Trader Joe’s has water in blue bottles so I might have to look there since most of my friends don’t seem to buy wine in blue bottles. Hint, hint my friends!

What do you think of blue bottle trees? Do you want one? Do you want to help me with mine?

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2 thoughts on “Bottle it up

  1. Britt

    Oh yep, I heard the same about Trader Joe’s! (I’m just so darned cheap that I would never “get around to it”) lol Skyy vodka has blue bottles as well, so you may be able to sweet talk your local bars in to letting you take them off their hands once they’re finished with them. Our recycling center also re-sells a lot of their intact bottles for a really teeny-tiny price as well (like 10 cents each for small and 30 cents for the larger ones) so that might be a good place to look too! Can’t wait until you find them, though, because I’m so excited to see what you decide to make!!

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