Back to the Future

Take a little trip back in time with me. Transport yourself to a few years ago. We were still in the world of apartment living but I desperately wanted to redecorate our bedroom. Not only are Michael and I DIY people (hence the name of the blog), but we are also working on a total money makeover with a little help from Dave. So we operate with cash…crazy right? Consequently it takes us a little longer than your average bear to get things done, but we’re okay with that if it means that we don’t owe anyone anything! One thing we desperately needed was a bed. When we got married, neither of us had a bed that was meant for more than one person so we did the frugal thing. We spent $45 on this (you know I’d get it on sale) and turned our two twin beds into one king sized bed. Genius right? We thought so…until we realized that it works best if the two twin beds are the same height. We lived with it for a long time. Then we were shopping one day and saw the perfect bed frame. Four poster, black wrought iron and on clearance (my favorite word). So we bought the frame (with cash) and into the storage garage it went. Fast forward another year to 2009 to the day we got a mattress. Woo hoo! Finally we get to put our bed together! We take a trip to the storage garage and pick up the bed frame drag it up the 2 flights of stairs to our apartment and start putting it together. At this point, I’d like to give you a helpful hint about the purchase of a 4 poster bed: Measure your ceiling before you buy it to make sure it will fit in your room. There was literally 2 inches between the top of the bed and the ceiling. Difficult to set up, but we managed. (Picture from our last apartment)

When we were looking for our house we were sure to look for a place where our bed would fit. The first house we made an offer on had low ceilings that we knew we would have to fix.

In hindsight, after one ceiling redo, I’m glad we Michael didn’t have to do more. Plus we would have had a lot to do with the sponged walls and that really awesome carpet. Oh, and there was a small radon problem.

We’re so glad that one didn’t work out…or the one after that and we ended up in our house where the bed fit perfectly in the bedroom. The master bedroom, like everything else, needed work to make it liveable. It doesn’t look too bad in this picture, just needs new curtains and some paint on the wall right?

The day we closed on our house there was a snowstorm and that night I found myself in a snowdrift…in our bedroom. There’s something I never thought I would say.

Ya see, there was a gap at the bottom of this makeshift cover that showed us the dangers of a missing window on a window in winter in Iowa. The gap gave just enough room for blowing snow to make it’s way into our bedroom. Needless to say, the window had to be replaced and quickly. Thanks to some help from my dad, we replaced the window and with some help from my mom, we got some paint on the walls. We went through three paint samples for the bedroom. Thank goodness for Sherwin-Williams paint samples. We ended up with a variation of Viva Gold, I’m not sure what the variation was, but I’m sure that this was one difference in the room

Believe it or not, we went with the lighter color of paint right next to the window. These pictures are a perfect example of why we do color samples instead of just a strip taped to the wall. The Sherwin-Williams samples are only $5 and in this room (since we had so many) we used it as a primer of sorts. The last picture (taken during the day) and the next one (taken at night) are the same color. Huuuuge difference!

Ready for some post paint and move in pictures.

That stool in front of the window was for the kids to sit on and look out the window. It’s been replaced by a different one by now. It needs a little extra touches before we break out those pictures. More changes are coming, I just have a project or two to do before it’s really done done.

Side note: we did not pick the colors of our bedroom because we’re Hawkeye fans. I am, but that had no bearing on the colors of our house. Go Hawks

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