The One That Got Away

I don’t know many people who, when searching for a house, end up buying the first one that they find and we were no exception. Patience was the key, but I thought I would share our first rejection. We had our wishlist of things that we were looking for in a house

  • Small town atmosphere
  • Two stories
  • A garage
  • A porch
  • A yard big enough for a garden
  • Three bedrooms
  • A decent size kitchen
  • A large living room

Here was the first house we put an offer on

It was in a small town and notice it’s a ranch style, but it had the garage. No porch, but did have a small patio out the back door. The yard was big enough for a garden and I kinda fell in love with this willow tree in the yard next door…at least I could have looked at it from the patio

It had three (small) bedrooms with some not-so-awesome carpet and paint and low ceilings

That door to the left was the fourth bedroom. That bar/island thing was in an odd place especially since the dining room on the right side of that bar/island was a sunken dining room so it would have come out and a real island would have been put in. Couple more kitchen pictures

A dishwasher was nice, but the kitchen wasn’t big.

The living room was huge and the wood floors were in decent shape

The big problem was coming from the basement

The radon levels were through the roof floor. So the radon problem and it was missing a few things from our wishlist and we still made an offer? I’m sooo glad that we didn’t get that house…or the next one. We ended up with the perfect house for us.

It had everything on our wishlist and we didn’t have to compromise on anything.

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