Inspired DIY

It’s time for another Pinterest post. I know that I mention Pinterest a lot, but remember the post where I showed you how I roll? What about this one where I revealed that I have an entire board dedicated to s’mores? I also have a board entitled Inspired DIY and I think it’s high time I showed you some of my favorites from that board. If the idea came to Pinterest by way of another blog, you can click on the picture to take you to the tutorial

A wine rack to hold towels in the bathroom

A little oil rubbed bronze paint to a Dawn foaming soap dispenser. LOVE that paint!!!

Michael and I are from different places and I'm thinking I have the perfect place for this!

Slip proof a rug instead of buying the gripper pad. That Martha is a genius!!!

With our huge family, we could use something to help us remember all those birthdays

We need these! They would be much prettier than the bags in our open shelving...probably less messy too.

Contact paper and etching cream and there's no question at potlucks anymore

This mega-fabric softener sheet made from an old towel and your favorite fabric softener should be good for at least 40 loads of laundry. In the winter when we can't hang clothes on the line anymore, I'll be doing this.

A bath mat made from old bath towels

So perfect for a homeschool room or a craft room!

Would it be mean if I made Beau & Bella walk through paint then walk across some canvas?

For all my cake decorating readers - this is an ahhhh-maaa-ziiiing way to save yourself from washing all those blessed decorator bags. Click on the picture to go to the step by step tutorial from Chef Mommy.

Classy striped umbrella

River rocks to dress up those free boot trays we got with Menards rebates

If I have do dishes, I'd like to be cute doing them

A much better idea than just sticking them on my sewing table and hoping they stay there

Perfect little ironing board next to my sewing table! I think I would press my seams a lot more often

Holy cow, that’s a lot of projects…and there is plenty more on the board. Even if you’re not on Pinterest, you can check out the board and all the other projects by following this link. Did you find any projects that you want to do? If you’re not pinning yet and you’d like to be, comment here and let me know. I’d be happy to send you an invite!

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