Challenge? Bring it on!!!

Any Young House Love, Bower Power, Joey & Lana or Emily Henderson fans? Anyone taking on the challenge? If you haven’t heard about it yet, see John & Sherry’s post here, Katie’s post here, Lana’s post here or Emily’s post here. Well, I’ve decided to take on the Pinterest challenge

I thought it was a good idea after reviewing all the projects on my Inspired DIY board for my post last week. I can’t wait to complete a project or two using Pinspiration. Bring it on! The basic gist is that you have to complete a project inspired by something you’ve pinned. Here’s the video where they issued the challenge

Will you join me?

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2 thoughts on “Challenge? Bring it on!!!

  1. Ooooh so exciting!! I wish i had the time to do this with you all!! I cant wait to see what you lovely ladies create. Tuesday will be a good day.

  2. I started off with a really easy one to make sure I was able to get something done. I have more in the works though. I’m sooo excited to see what Tuesday will bring!

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