Choot Em! Choot Em!

It’s confession time again (see the first two here and here). Are you excited? A few years ago, my FIL (father-in-law) happened along some pieces of PVC pipe laying in one of their fields. Naturally, he picked them up and took them home. From there, those neglected pieces of plastic became hours and hours of enjoyment for the whole family. No, we didn’t use them like Lincoln logs. Nor did we build a tube city (fellow fans of The Office?).

Instead they were restored into a gun. It took years of modifications, but this is what they (Michael and his dad) ended up with.

You see, this my friends, is my (slightly) redneck indulgence. From the first time I used this, I was hooked. We’ve tried shooting a lot of different things out of this gun, but the thing that works the best is the thing that it was intended to shoot

Taters!!! If you’ve never used a tater gun before, here’s how it works.

  1. Pick out your tater – smaller taters don’t work as well
  2. Mash the tater into the end of the gun
  3. Use this piece of gray pipe to push the tater all the way to the back (that’s my SIL Meagan “loading” the gun)
  4. Fill the back with hairspray and put the cap on
  5. Shoot!

Here’s a little video of me shooting a flaming tater

There is a flash in the video because we were trying to get pictures like these

My SIL Meagan

Dennis (my SIL’s new beau)

Here’s one of my shots, night vision style (not really, it just looks like that)

My SIL Meagan and I kinda took over the show this time shooting and I shot the gun quite a few times under the “I need a good picture for my blog” guise. Hee hee. Michael shot a couple and Dennis shot a couple, but my FIL , MIL & SIL Michele watched

We also heard the occasional “Fire in the hole!’ or “Choot Em Jacob! Choot Em!” (My dear husband loves Swamp People…the show, not actual swamp people.)

Here’s Meagan’s video

If you’re wondering how to get the pictures of a glowing tater gun or the fire shooting chooting out the end, the key is to count to th-ree and the picture takers push the button on “th” and the chooter pushes the button on “ree”. Any more tater gun fans out there? Do you have a (slightly) redneck indulgence? Please tell me I’m not alone!

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One thought on “Choot Em! Choot Em!

  1. This looks fun! Just wanted to stop by to respond to your comment about the kitchen canisters. I have not had a problem with no seal. My coffee stays fresh (but I drink a lot of coffee so it doesn’t stay in there long! ). I have not noticed any problems with the others. Thanks for stopping by!
    Scissors & Spatulas

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