What Are You Going to Do with That?

Since I mentioned the blue bottle tree, I’ve had people saving blue bottles for me – remember the the counter from kitchen curtains post with some bottles sitting on it? There was one bottle that just didn’t look right on the counter so I had to find another place for it until we are ready for the tree. My SIL Jenna’s aunt was at Sam’s one day and found a bottle of wine that she “just had to get”…you know for the bottle, the plethora of wine in that bottle had nothing to do with it.

Last weekend I was perusing Pier 1 ’cause I love it there. Where else can you find a giant pair of metal flip flops for your wall (which by the way were gone when I went back to get them – hoping for an Ebay find on that one)? Pier 1 almost always has something I need and  Saturday was no exception. Enter $4 flower

I usually don’t go for the whole fake flower thing, but I thought this one looked pretty good. Not real, mind you, but pretty good. Have you put it together yet? That’s right, in a moment of genius, I brought the flower home and stuck it in the vase. Yeah, the word genius was probably stretching it a little. Anyway, I had a white flower in a blue wine bottle, now what? When you walk in our kitchen door from the three seasons porch, you can see behind the refrigerator and it can only be described as blah. Plus having sat empty and neglected and uncleaned for over 4 years the space between the fridge and the bar that was there had collected some dirt…and stained the white linoleum to a horrible gray color. Who really wants to see that? Woo hoo, a place for the wine bottle vase. I know I’ll have to find something else for that spot when we start in on the blue bottle tree, but for now, I’m enjoying the fact that my eye is drawn to this instead of the wires and tubes and whatever that is behind the fridge

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