Laying it All Out – Part 1

If you are a this DIY life fan on facebook you may have seen this status on Sunday

After church today I will be dragging the hubs to fabric stores looking for the perfect fabric for a project in our bedroom. I’m sure he will be thrilled 🙂

You may have been hoping to see a fabulous project today, but since Michael and I couldn’t really agree on the fabrics, so it’s back to the drawing board. I couldn’t leave you with nothing on a fabulous Monday, so I spent a good portion of my night last night playing with I have one floor of our house ready to reveal so you can get your bearings when reading posts. So here it is

I know that our house  has a complicated floor plan, but I don’t think I realized how complicated it was until I tried to map it all out. I’ll keep working on the second floor and the basement so you can see those (Wednesday maybe). But now I’m going to give you a whole lot of links to previous posts so you can see what is where. Excited, aren’t you?

I’ve also added categories for each one of these rooms so if you want to see how one room went from drab to fab you can see it right there. Well, we don’t have one room that’s fully fab yet, but it’s getting there (some faster than others). It’ll take me a little while to go through all the old posts and get them categorized for rooms, but that will happen too…promise. I’ll be working on a page added for the full house tour too. I’ve given myself a Friday goal. So now you have something to look forward to on Friday. Well, that and the weekend. Have a super terrific Monday ya’ll!

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2 thoughts on “Laying it All Out – Part 1

  1. I need to check out that floor planner site! I wanted to draw a floor plan for our new place but I’m just too tired to do it from scratch!

    • It was a great site and pretty easy to use. There was definitely a learning curve at the beginning though, so don’t get discouraged…or maybe it was just my learning curve. Either way, it was a great tool to use. The big bonus is that it was free!!! 🙂

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