Laying It All Out – Part 2

On Monday I showed you our the layout of our first floor

I also told you that I would keep working on our second floor and would show it to you this week and here it is

  • See the main bathroom here and here
  • See the master bedroom here
  • The guest bedroom, my creative space and the massive closet will be coming later –

I really haven’t shown you much of anything on the second floor have I? I think I’ll need to change that. Any votes on a room to see? Time for ya’ll to kick me in the butt for a project room. I think there is so much to be done in each room that I really haven’t paid much attention to any of them.

I’m still working on the “See our whole house before” page, but I’m thinking it will be done by Friday. Now I must be off to finish up a project that I want to show you tomorrow! Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!

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2 thoughts on “Laying It All Out – Part 2

  1. Brittany

    I can definitely see the potential!!! Good thing your husband gives you the benefit of the doubt, hmm? Otherwise how could you guys make all of these new diy home reno memories? Oh and wolves in the back yard!? What on earth?

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