More Padding Please

A little less than a year ago Michael bought himself a new office chair. It took a long time to find just the right one. The right feel of the leather, the right height of the back, the right padding on the seat, oh and because we are cheapskates frugal people it had to be less than $100. Not easy, but he finally found one. You can imagine how upset he was when the padding on the chair started going flat. It was just before our trip to Ikea (hallelujah) in April so he asked me to pick him up a cushion for his chair. No problem! I found this for $2.99 and made the promise that I would put a cover on it to make it pretty manly.

Monday Michael and I went shopping for fabric for a different project and he found some that he liked for this cushion, so it quickly became time for me to make good on my promise – yes, I know it’s been 4 months since I made the promise. After 4 months of sitting on a $2.99 cushion from Ikea (hallelujah) it had become a little sparse in places so rather than making the cover 20×20 like the original size was, I made it 16×16-ish. The reasoning for this is that I have a rotary cutter and mat and my mat is only 17 inches long. That was the only reason I decided to shrink the size of the cushion by 4 inches. I’m nothing if not practical. So I cut two pieces from this bomber jacket fabric that were 17×17 squares which would allow for 1/2 inch seam allowance on all sides.

I put them right sides together and then armed with brown thread and a bobbin of black thread, I stitched all along three sides with a 1/2 inch seam allowance

Then I had to sew shut the fourth side. I was going to do it by hand and try to do an invisible seam…then my patience wore thin and I just folded it under and stitched it shut with my machine.

Wow the lighting in our house is not good for taking pictures. Check out the difference between the colors on the fabric pieces and the finished cushion.

Project total

  • cushion from Ikea (hallelujah) – $2.99
  • fabric from the clearance section – $4.75 for 3/4 yard and we still have some left over for another project. Yeah, I don’t know what either.

All in all, I don’t think it’s bad since it could be used as a pillow too…in the man cave. Plus the hubs is happy, that’s worth it.

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