Tour – From the beginning

Welcome to our home! Let me give you the tour of what we saw on our very first trip to our now-home. Please forgive the blurry pictures.

Here’s what we saw when we looked at our house the very first time in October 2009

Notice the broken window on the second floor all the way to the left? That was in the master bedroom, but that was the least of our problems. Let me show you the inside of the house, but before we head indoors, here’s where we’ll be going on the first floor:

Where to start inside other than the entry room and kitchen since both can be seen right when you walk in the front door?

Here’s the kitchen

I can’t forget the door that goes from the kitchen to the three seasons porch since that is my favorite door in the house and it gets used the most too (mostly by the “kids”). *See more kitchen posts here*

The entry room from the view of the kitchen

Check out that falling ceiling! *See more entry room posts here* The beautiful French doors go to what is now our living room but was originally our dining room. The stairs to go to the second floor are just beyond the door in the middle and the white door on the left goes to the laundry room/mud room.

Here’s the living room (former dining room)

Here’s the dining room (former living room) as seen from the living room

Love the fake ficus? Can’t neglect to show you this picture that was hanging on the wall in there

We thought it was just a creepy wolf picture. After we moved in and we started chatting with neighbors we found out that the people who had the house before us raised wolves in our backyard. The last room on the tour of the first floor is the half bathroom

*See more half bathroom posts here* Shall we head upstairs?

Did you see the turning stairs? I love turning stairs…not so much for moving furniture up them, which is why there was this note taped to the wall

By the way, that was not true. Getting our queen size mattress involved removing that board…and part of the ceiling…with a sawsall…I don’t think my brother Brandon can come to our house without playing with power tools. Wanna see the floor plan for the second floor?

The room is kinda small so it’s not really possible to capture the whole room in one picture. Here’s the view of the top of the stairs taken from the bathroom

Once up the stairs you see directly into the guest bedroom (that’s the room right by the window

This is the viewpoint from the top of the stairs.

See that space on the left that looks like it would be a hallway? It kinda is. It goes to my fabulous creative space

The main bathroom is right next to my creative space

If you look at the picture from the top of the stairs you can see what looks like it leads to another hallway? It goes to the master suite. Yep, I’m calling it a suite. The giant closet has it’s own closet!

I maintain that the closet inside the closet if for my shoes. Through the closet goes into the master bedroom

The other door to the master bedroom goes to a hallway. The fact that there is a hallway that goes nowhere other than to our bedroom is why I reserve the right to call it a master suite

So that’s the inside of our house before we did anything. Now that you’ve had the whole tour, do you see the potential? It’s okay if you don’t, most people didn’t (including Michael). I look forward to keeping you updated on all the changes that are happening at our house every day.

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