Paint, paint and more paint

I was at Goodwill last week and found a chair that I had been looking for

And for this price, I couldn’t let it go!

Oh, I have plans for this chair and you may be able to guess by the title of this post that it involves paint. First, to be on the safe side, I took some sandpaper to the chair to get the paint to stick

I decided to use spray paint because I wanted the chair to be perfectly smooth. I love this Rust-oleum paint & primer

The 2x coverage really does make a difference and it just happens to be on sale at Menards right now for $2.74. Score!

I used less than half of the can to cover this chair. Woo hoo! Enough to do another one! Now it’s time for paint

It took me sooo long to pick out a paint color for this chair. I think I stood there looking at the paint colors for 20 minutes. But the final color choice was lagoon. Here’s what it looks like on something

I really need to remember to wear gloves when I spray paint things. Anyone want to take on the role to remind me? I had some other problems with the paint. First I sprayed it on too thick in one place and it ran. Oops. Then I tried to fix it by wiping off the excess paint with a paper towel and repainting over it. Double oops. Michael to the rescue with some lacquer thinner

Not only that, but I was painting in the sun on a hot day so I ended up with this too

One word – ugh! So with Michael’s recommendation I took some sandpaper and water and sanded out all the bubbles

With the paint removed from the top rail of the chair and the bubbles all sanded out

For take two, I decided to move the chair into the shade. I figured that the sun may have been hitting it and drying it differently. I don’t know what the reason was, but the second time it worked

Did you notice the legs aren’t painted? That was intentional – they don’t need paint where this chair is going. Watch for a post on the finished part on Monday…maybe sooner? Hint: check my Inspired DIY board on Pinterest.

Side note: My kitchen curtains were featured on Lovely Crafty Home today! Head over there and check out Rachael’s linky party projects and add your own!

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