It’s Like I’m 17 Again

Sure it may seem a little Seventeen magazine-ish, but I’ve found a love of quizzes. The kind of quizzes I take now has changed and I don’t need a quiz to tell me what my style is, but it’s interesting to see how accurate they are. So last week when YHL posted a new one, I couldn’t click fast enough to take the quiz and find out “What’s your Style Signature?” The quiz was pretty straight forward. When given two different images you pick one

It felt a little like an inkblot test or at least how I imagine an inkblot test would feel. According to the signature quiz, this is me

With a suggestion that I would like this room

Nice, but nor me. I had to take it again to see if it was going to get any better

Here’s a room for that style

Closer, but where’s the color? I decided to go looking through the styles on my own and decided that this is the closest for me. So I’m elegant – who knew?

I decided to check out some of the other quizzes that were linked up on YHL. Like I wasn’t going to try the Swedish Furniture Name GeneratorIkea (hallelujah) anyone? So here it goes

I had to try the other two members of our family too

Love it! So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to try out these two little quizzes that will make you feel like you’re 17 again. I wanna know what you get too!

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