Yes, We Have No Bananas

Yesterday was a day to celebrate! It wasn’t a national holiday. It wasn’t anyone’s birthday. It was the three year anniversary of the day that one simple fruit that you see everywhere taught our family how every day is a gift.

My SIL Jenna has a severe allergy to bananas and three years ago she was at a work picnic with her six month old daughter where someone brought a banana cake. Jenna’s dealt with her banana allergy for a long time, so she steered clear of that, but somehow banana cake ended up on something she ate too and thus began a week that none of us will ever forget…ever. Jenna carried and epinephrine pen with her everywhere and when she felt herself start to react, she headed for her purse to get it. She didn’t make it to her pen. Fortunately Jenna worked at a day care where they knew what to do in situations like the one they were confronted with. They called 911 and got an ambulance on the way. Michael and I got the call and we headed for the hospital. We didn’t know quite how severe it was until we got to the hospital and heard about everything that had happened. We spent a few hours at the hospital sitting in the ICU waiting room hoping that a doctor would come in and give us all good news, but the best news they had was that she wasn’t getting worse. Micheal and I went home that night and didn’t sleep much so the next day we just went back to the hospital. We kinda took over half of the ICU waiting room, someone was always there. I will never forget that Sunday night. We were sitting around waiting for news and then the news came and it wasn’t good news. Michael describes it as “I went to take a nap and everything was fine. I woke up and everyone was crying.” There were a lot of people praying that day and my sister-in-law is living, breathing, bargain-hunting proof that God answers the prayers of the faithful. My SIL is a fighter and I know that God gave her the strength to fight back while people at her bedside made promises of Black Friday shopping and Frostys from Wendys – I’m sure she fought back for Jeff and Evalee too.

While we were all sitting and worrying and praying and Jeff was washing clothes every day because he only knew of a couple outfits for Evalee that for sure matched and he didn’t want Jenna to wake up and see Evalee in non-matching clothes, do you know where Jenna was? She was here

Recognize it? Mid-August 2008, the Olympics were going on in Beijing China. There was a TV in Jenna’s room that was tuned to the Olympics. While she was “asleep” she was “dreaming” she was in China and there were women outside her window laying eggs. Hmmm, I think she had some pretty powerful medication.

Three banana-free years later, I decided to do a Jenna-inspired project. A couple years ago, Jenna gave me some frames that she wasn’t going to use. I didn’t know what to do with them until now. The silver frames and I took a trip out to our deck.

You know what happens to things that go to the deck right? They get ORBed. So I set up my makeshift paintbooth like I did for this project

I took the frames apart. The glass was hot glued into the frames, so it wasn’t as easy as it sounds, but still easier than taping off the glass.

I got out my trusty ORB (oil rubbed bronze) paint and went to work. I’m not joking when I tell you that I always have this on hand now. If the can I have is only half full, I go get another one.

Look at that shimmer in the sunlight! Someday when I have my own television show and media empire, you will all get a can of this paint as part of “Amy’s Favorite Thiiiiiiings”

I let the frames sit out to dry all day and then got out some wrapping paper that I already had

Check out that 50% off sticker making it $2 for the whole roll. No, I didn’t wrap them back up to give to her…although, I am a little nervous that she might want the frames back now. I cut off a piece of paper that was bigger than my glass and put the glass down on top of it

I put the glass in the center of my pattern. The first time I cut the paper, I didn’t do this so the pattern was off. I thought I would be okay with it, but 2.3 minutes later my CDO kicked in and I redid the second one.

To cut the paper, I just used the edge of the glass and tore it.

On any frame that you get, the lip should cover up at least 1/4″ so it really doesn’t matter what the edge of your framed piece looks like…it’s hidden. Easy Schmeasy Lemon Squeezy! I put the frames all back together, got out my dry erase markers and started list making. First a list for projects to finish up (most of these are at least half done, remember my ADOS)

That’s right, my “To Do” list is actually the “Git R Done” list. My list of things that I need to blog is my Chit Chat list

Woo hoo! I get to cross something off a list! I’ll be crossing off Evalee’s curtains today too…since they are moving tomorrow and I kinda need to have them done for that.

So, here’s the cost breakdown of this little Jenna inspired project

  • Frames – free (from Jenna
  • ORB paint – free (leftover from another project)
  • Wrapping paper in fuchsia because pink is Jenna’s favorite color- free (I always grab wrapping paper when I see it on sale)
  • Dry erase markers – free (gotta love the free Expo marker deal from a couple weeks ago)

Total cost for me? Absolutely nothing! That part is Jenna inspired too. But if you were going to do it and you had none of this stuff on hand

  • Frames – $5 (gotta check out Goodwill or garage sales, you’re painting the frames anyway)
  • ORB paint – $7 at Lowe’s or Home Depot
  • Wrapping paper – $4 but I’m sure you could find some cheaper or use scrapbook paper
  • Dry erase markers – $5

Total cost to buy it all? $21! Still pretty good for really functional artwork-y things to hang on the wall.  These are going in my craft room…when I can actually get in my craft room.

We’re so thrilled that Jenna came back from her trip to China. If you’ve been reading my blog for long, you know I’m a firm believer that we can’t expect people to understand if we aren’t willing to educate. If your kids are in a school where no peanut butter is allowed, this is probably why. If you see your children develop sensitivities to certain foods, please have them seen by an allergist immediately. Jeff and Jenna noticed that Evalee was getting a rash every time she ate blueberries so off to the allergist she went. We were all careful to not give her any blueberries. Every label was read, every ingredient checked and a year later she went back and she had outgrown the blueberry allergy! I am by no means an expert on the subject, so I hope that you’ll take some time to learn more about severe food allergies and anaphylaxis by visiting the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network website.

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