Never enough crayons

It’s back to school time!!! How many of you moms out there are completely and totally excited about that…you know after the shock of how much all the school supplies cost wears off? I have to tell you that I love back to school time! I don’t have kids, I’m not in school, but I still love it for one reason

Anyone else have a crazy obsession with a fresh box of crayola crayons? There’s something so relaxing about getting out a fresh box of Crayolas and a coloring book and just being like a kid again.

I will stipulate a couple things here

  1. I believe there is no substitute for Crayola crayons – sorry RoseArt
  2. I realize that this may make me sound slightly unstable to some people, but with everything you have read on my blog, you know you would love it if I was your Auntie Amy – I just created a board on Pinterest titled “Because I’m Fun Auntie Amy
  3. When I see them on sale during back to school time, I stock up on them – a couple years ago I bought an obscene amount of crayons for 25 cents a box.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way we can move onto my little back to school project. Have you seen all the melted crayon projects on Pinterest? I knew I had to do one! I got out a box of crayons and laid them all out on an 8×10 canvas (cause I had one on hand) in the perfect ROY G. BIV rainbow. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet. Then I used a low temp glue gun to glue all the crayons in a line on my canvas with 3/4″ on three sides. Look at those beautiful pointy tips

I took the canvas with crayons glued to it into the bathroom and leaned it up against some towels to make sure the crayons dripped the way I wanted them too when faced with the heat of my hair dryer

Time to start melting

Oooo, look! They are starting to get all drippy!

The whole thing was pretty easy. Heat the crayons till they melt. Pretty straight forward right?

The key was to make sure that the didn’t get too melty and drip right off the canvas. Something else I learned quickly is that high speed doesn’t give as much control over the drip pattern as low speed. I was very methodical about melting the crayons. I let some melt and drip then moved to a different section while the other melted parts dried. So when dandelion tried to get ahead of apricot and yellow I could easily fix that situation

The whole melting – cooling – melting – cooling process took maybe 10 minutes!

I haven’t decided if this is going to go in my creative space or if it’s going to go in the guest bedroom aka Hunter/Landon/Mikayla/Adicyn/Evlaee/Reygan’s (our nieces and nephews) room. I do know that I love it! It’s all run together and still gloppy at the same time.

Here’s the breakdown

  • Canvas – $2.50
  • Crayola crayons (24 ct) – $0.25
  •     Total cost – $2.75 and 30 minutes

I don’t think that’s too bad. You? I’d like to try one in just blues and greens. I think that would be pretty. What color combos do you want to see? Pinks and greens? Purples and greens? Blues and brown? Pink and black? Oh, my mind is going now. Watch out world…Amy’s on the loose with Crayolas and a hairdryer!

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4 thoughts on “Never enough crayons

  1. Ooh very nice! I’ve been wanting to make one of these too but most of the ways have been by leaving them out in the sun. More often than not they end up sliding out of the paper and melting all willy-nilly anyway. This is a muuuuch better idea. Genius I tell ya!

    • I had seen the ones in the sun too. I also saw one where she put it in the oven. I can’t take all the credit for the hairdryer idea…I did see one other person do that. But I love the way it looks!

  2. I plan on doing this as a craft with the kids with broken leftover crayons pieces. I’m going to let them glue them to the board in anyway design that they want. I plan on putting them in some IKEA frames that I picked up during our trip to Minneapolis and want to hang them on the front of their bedroom door. I hope it turns out as cool as I think it will.

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