Gone Missing

It’s been a really busy last few days in our life, hence the four days of no posts at all. Wednesday Bella and I worked on curtains for my niece’s new room

Thursday we helped my brother and SIL move into their new house

It was quite amusing to watch them get the loveseat into the basement!

All that moving really wore Michel and Evalee out. So Michael was sleeping (in the basement under the table) and Evalee was telling him about going shopping at Ikea (hallelujah). This Auntie is proud!

Friday Michael and I decided it was time to give a forever home to Moon Dawg. After saying goodbye to Brady in May, we took some time to heal. Last week when we met this little one, we knew he had to come home with us. Such a sweet little boy, but he needed a new name!

He  was “he”, “him” and “this one” for a day and then he got the name Bristol. The way he runs laps around our house you’d think it was Bristol Motor Speedway. We picked the name before I realized that though. Bristol has fit into our family perfectly. Bella really isn’t one to accept new things, but it only took a day for her to sit in the same room with Bristol and not growl at him. I explained to her that we were always supposed to be a family of five and when we lost Brady it left a hole in our family. We can never replace Brady but we think that Bristol will make us feel like a whole family again. She just kinda looked at me because, well, she’s a cat. Beau just prefers to sit in the window and watch the world go by

Friday I also got a text from Ashley saying “Want to fly to Ikea (hallelujah) tomorrow?” Silly Ashley, of course I do! Saturday morning met Ashley and me with an impromptu road trip. A little like a DIYers pilgrimage. We also hit up HomeGoods while we were there! More will be coming about that trip later this week. Thanks for inviting me to go along Ashley!

Sunday was my nephew Hunter’s 6th birthday party

See? So very busy! I have a couple projects that I’m working on that I can’t wait to share with you. I’m also really excited to finish up a project for a guest blog post next week! Promise I’ll share that with you too. There is a lot happening here and I’ll be sharing it all soon! Ooo the suspense!


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