Like a Pilgrimage…for DIYers

Last week I got a text from Ashley asking if I wanted to go to Ikea (hallelujah). Somtimes Ashley asks some very silly question. Of course I wanted to go! This isn’t the first time I’ve told you how much I love Ikea (hallelujah) and it certainly won’t be the last! Early Saturday morning armed with Starbucks, Ashley and I started a one day whirlwind road trip. It was just like college again…well kinda. You sure find some interesting things in truckstops where you stop for breakfast like this rhinestone purse

I feel like I should warn you that I forgot my camera so these are all Blackberry pictures. Sorry. What about these cat and frog fans?

This cup that fits me perfectly…maybe not

Then there was Ashley’s favorite thing

If she was having a girl, she might have bought one…okay, maybe not on that one too. One torrential downpour that almost forced us to pull over later we made it to HomeGoods.

This was our first trip ever to HomeGoods and we were like kids in a candy store when we first got there. I saw this but have no place to put it

I also loved this but decided I wanted to DIY something like it with my beloved Cricut. Plus I have no idea where I would put it either

Oh wait! As I sit here writing, I think I may have found a place in the living room…or the dining room! I also picked up this fabulous little strainer that will look awesome in our open kitchen cabinets after they are fully repainted and coordinate with the kitchen curtains I made.

After I got that and some cheap Starbucks coffee for Michael and Ashley picked up a ceramic stool, a wooden ball and a metal basket we made the short trip to Ikea (hallelujah)

Through the wind and through the rain we made it. We walked all over the second floor finding stuff for our wish lists. They are playing musical bedrooms over at Ashley’s house so she had to find new beds and stuff for her two oldest boys’ bedroom. I was just finding stuff for anywhere and everywhere in our house. For the record, I’m still completely in love with this light

We need new nightstands for our bedroom and I’m pretty specific about what I’m looking for. Perhaps something like this?

We really need to put a bed in our guest bedroom instead of just a mattress on the floor. I’m leaning towards daybed since the room isn’t very big and we could use it for more than just a bed when we don’t have guests. I found this one on clearance for $149!

But then I saw this Hemnes bed that I’m pretty sure will be perfect for our space. Ya see, here it is as a daybed/single bed

Here’s Hemi as a double bed

That’s right! It converts from a single bed to a double bed and has storage for extra sheets and blankets for our guests. I checked it over to make sure that it wouldn’t be off balance for when the in-laws come to visit and it all looks good! I can’t wait to go back and pick up this bed!

I also love this little bench. Similar to the spa bench a-la-Ana that I want to make. It just reminded me that I really want to make a bench for the bathroom.

When Ashley had her list and we were filled up on chocolate overload cake we headed to the first floor to pick up two beds, two tables, two shelves and a few other little things. Ahhh the smell of flat packed particle board!

With all of our purchases packed up, we started on our way back home but first stop at a gas station for some liquid energy

I know that it might seem strange to take a picture of the gas station we stopped at, but we had to share the picture with Noreen since Noreen’s mama calls her Bucky. Oh, I remember the day that came out at work. Good times! The whole trip seemed kinda surreal…like a dream really. Eight plus hours of driving in one day all for a DIYers pilgrimage. On the way home I saw this truck

I know that it’s not full of coffee, but I’d like to think it is 🙂

To all of you who live close to an Ikea (halleljuah): I’m jealous, but I also am sorry that you don’t get to have a fabulous road trip like Ashley and I did last Saturday. What is your favorite most recent Ikea (hallelujah) purchase? Anything from the new catalog?


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2 thoughts on “Like a Pilgrimage…for DIYers

  1. Kristen

    1. I cannot believe you’d never been to HomeGoods before! I adore that store.
    2. I’m seriously cracking up right now over your guest bed choice. I bet you can’t guess what bed we have picked out to put in the playroom for our guests…

    The Hemnes line is pretty awesome in general. We have 2 dressers & nightstands in our room, and D has a dresser from the line in his room (in red). I ❤ IKEA so much.

    • Chicago is our closest HomeGoods but we do have a TJ Maxx. When I got home and when to our TJ Maxx, I noticed that the two stores had a lot of the same things 😉 As for the bed, when we visit each other, it will be like we’re sleeping in our own guest rooms 🙂 Love ya dear!

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