Knock it Off

A little over a year ago my brother and SIL Jenna introduced me to Knock-off Wood on facebook aka Ana White. You may have read me singing Ana’s praises in this post…or this one…or this one. Did you see the shelving unit I made when we decided to de-fold our bi-fold door in the bathroom? In case you missed it, here it is

Well my very first Ana White project was a deck chair that Jeff and Jenna helped me build. I took a day off work and went to Jeff and Jenna’s house with this in tow

More accurately, I had this shoved into my little Kia (which wasn’t nearly as interesting as how I got the finished chair home). I started measuring according to Ana’s cut list and Jeff started cutting

Then we started to assemble. I tried to sit in it like this, but it didn’t work well. Although it did make a good place to do those sitting push up type deals

Considering that I don’t know what they are actually called much less actually do them, we decided to keep going on the chair and start building the seat part.

I think I was just really surprised/elated to see the chair coming together, so I don’t have anymore pictures until it’s finished so here’s the big reveal

Then we packed up the chair and I took back roads home hoping that I wouldn’t see a police officer that didn’t appreciate half of a chair hanging out of the window of my car. I made it and the chair found a temporary home on our deck so I could take some non-Blackberry pictures. Side note: I promise I’m getting a new phone so you’ll get better pictures when I don’t have my camera handy (just waiting for my belief points to add up since I’m a cheapskate frugal gal). Here’s what it looked like on our deck last summer

Isn’t it lovely? Isn’t it wonderful?

I have some colored stain that I wanted to take to this little creation, but I was waiting to do it until I had the right fabric for the cushion. I did have my heart set on a pretty yet fun floral pattern so I had to put it on the chair to test it out

A couple problems

  1. This is not outdoor fabric. That can be fixed with a little UV spray and a little waterproofing spray like this one
  2. I can’t find foam for cushions in a price range that I’m willing to pay for (refer to the aforementioned “frugal gal” comment)

Then while on a recent trip to Target I found a couple cushions on clearance for just $6.48 each in a great orange color. I think the daisies will become pillows but now I’m not so sure about the color for the fabulous chair.

Here are a few other options

Who has a favorite? Who’s helping me pick a color?

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8 thoughts on “Knock it Off

  1. Chawnda

    I would go with white… Or the brown color.

  2. White or Brown for sure! Brown would probably hold up better to the elements, though. But they all look great! Any plans for more in the future?

  3. Kristen


    Or aqua…

  4. Jenna


  5. Brenda Cauley Terbush

    I so love the chair. I have been looking for something i could do since losing my husband. Could i have measurements on the wood used? Thank you Brenda Terbush

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