The Fourth Season has arrived

Here in Eastern Iowa we have four seasons – winter, spring, summer and Hawkeye football. Every year at the end of August you can see it coming. It’s anticipated and welcomed with flags, t-shirts and anything that people can find in two colors. It doesn’t matter where or even if you went to college. All that matters is whether or not you’re a Hawkeye.

People here name their kids Kinnick and their dogs Herky and Hawkeye. People (like Noreen) plan their weddings making sure that they don’t interfere with home games. Nothing other than tailgating and football parties are planned when there is a home game. Last Saturday marked the beginning of the season with a Hawkeye victory over Tennessee Tech (34-7). Go Hawks! But the biggest game of the year is the the Iowa vs. Iowa State game. It’s a civil war of sorts. Eastern Iowa vs. Western Iowa.

In honor of the big game Saturday, I wanted to share with you some great things to make your Hawkeye weekend even better. Even if you’re not a Hawkeye, I’m sure some of these things are available for your team as well.

Everyone needs an Iowa Hawkeyes grill topper

Hot dogs aren’t hot dogs unless they are branded

No Iowa tailgating adventure is complete without a game of bags

Or a game of giant Jenga

Everyone gets dressed up for the occasion.

Who doesn’t need a Hawkeye garter

I know a few people who might need this

This is how we feel about Iowa football here

This one might be taking it a little far though

There you have it. This is how we spend our fourth season in Iowa. You may call it fall or autumn, but here, it’s football.

Not long ago one dog named Hawkeye made national news after he had to say goodbye to his owner, Navy Seal Jon Tumilson, who was one of 22 Seals lost when their helicopter was shot down over Afghanistan.

Now, thousands of people are encouraging the University of Iowa to let Hawkeye lead the Hawkeyes out on the field for a home game. Even if you’re not a fan of the University of Iowa, who wouldn’t be a fan of this Hawkeye?

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