We’ve had some very busy days at our house in the past couple weeks which translated into not much project time for Amy. It was quite sad really. Over Labor Day weekend while you all were BBQing, I was garage sale-ing (how do you spell that word anyway?). Not out shopping at garage sales, but rather having one of my own along with my mom and McDad. If I’m going to be honest I may have done a little shopping too, but that’s for a later time. I spent four days in my craft room cleaning and getting ready for the sale. I had a little help from Bella

Beau and Bristol helped too

I can’t believe how much stuff I had in that room! I got rid of a lot of stuff in a four day garage sale but I keep coming up with more things that I want to get rid of. I guess that’s how it goes isn’t it.

About the only thing I had time to do was a little bitty project that should have taken more than 20 minutes, but I drug it out for three days because of my ADOS (attention deficit…ooo shiny). Back in August – like it was so long ago – when Ashley and I took our impromptu trip to Ikea I picked up this little thing to hold the brushes and stuff that collect at our sink for washing dishes.

I left it silver for a little while and then noticed it was starting to get some rust spots on the inside

plus it doesn’t go with my everything-in-my-house-will-be-copper-or-will-get-ORBed philosophy. So it was time for a makeover. Michael was working in the garage doing some sanding and stuff on a car getting ready to do some paint repair so I borrowed some sandpaper from him to “rough up the surface of it.” It was used paper so it made it a finer grit, but I don’t know exactly the grit, but I do know that I thought to myself “yeah, this won’t to anything”

Yeah, I was wrong. If I looked closely I saw the scratch lines. Michael – 1 and Amy – 0. Bella found the whole thing quite amusing

So the question of the hour is what color to paint it. You know I totally heart this Rust-oleum paint with the trigger nozzle and these are my two favorite colors!

Can you guess by the title of this post which one I chose for this project. We’re totally getting hammered in in the kitchen. Thin coats is the key for this

My other tip for you is to not wait long between coats like I did. I had good intentions, but got side-tracked by adorable kitties who wanted to help me get ready for a garage sale so there was a few days between coats and I didn’t properly put up my paint either. With this spray paint, I take a sewing pin and put it in the nozzle so it doesn’t freeze up. If it does, it’s difficult to get spraying again and you might end up with things like this

Michael says that part is just extra hammered. You might also have little splatters like this

So what do you do when that happens? You could sand it all and repaint it. You could paint over it and hope it covers. Me? I’m going with the turn that side to the wall method.

That’ll work. Now it sits on our sink full of our kitchen brushes in all it’s copper glory. I’d show you a picture of it now, but I kinda forgot to take a good one before I started in on another project. So the final big reveal of this is going to have to wait for a big reveal with something else too. Where do you store your kitchen brushes/washcloths/sponges? Do yours get completely out of control too? Did you look at the title of this post and think “Well, there’s something I didn’t know about Amy”?

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One thought on “Hammered

  1. Haha, yeah there was a little eyebrow raising action when I read the title, actually! Love your idea about the needle in the nozzle! I never thought to do that!

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