You’ve Got Mail…nope, that’s us

Earlier this week Michael asked me to go to town to get some things for him. Sure, no problem. I wanted to stop by Hancock Fabrics anyway and check out some fabric for a little project my mom are about to embark on. Anyway, he sent me to the automotive section of Menards with a gift card we got for Christmas. Do you know what is next to the automotive section at Menards? Mailboxes! I’ve been wanting a new mailbox from the day we closed on our house. I had dreams of doing something like this one that we saw on the Master Gardener’s Garden Walk in 2010

but I’ve never done a mosaic before so I’ve been pretty nervous about the whole thing. Then when Mr. Bickley fell on our mailbox in June, it was pretty certain that we needed a new one

When I was at Menards in mailboxes automotive I noticed that the mailboxes were on sale! That is one of my favorite words and it was like a 40% off sale! Jackpot. Do I even have to tell you that we now have a new mailbox? After I got the mailbox home Michael said “Can we just put it up or do you have to paint it or something?” How well does he know me? The mailbox I got was in a bronze finish! Granted it’s not oil rubbed, but for a mailbox that is going to be across the street, I’m okay with that. It does however need paint. The mailbox sits on a post (that I would like to take some stain or paint to) with three other mailboxes so we definitely need to identify our house number on the box. But you know, those white and black stickers are just not for me. What better time to break out my beloved Cricut machine? This was definitely trial and error to figure out the best way to get the numbers on the box so we could see what we liked best. I ended up painting a piece of scrapbook paper with my trusty hammered copper paint, let it dry and then cut out the letters using my Opposites Attract cartridge for my Cricut

After the numbers were cut out, I  put it on the mailbox just to get an idea of what it would look like. Then I cut out the numbers from contact paper too. The first time I tried to cut out the numbers I put it on the mat paper side down. Goodnight that was hard to get off the mat. Take two – put the contact paper on the mat with the paper side up and the plastic side against the mat and hit the magic “flip” button on the Cricut so it turned all the numbers backwards

We decided on the size of the numbers so they would fit in this little indented square in the front of the mailbox

That’s the rectangle I wanted to be copper so me and my trusty Frog tape went to work marking off the space where the paint would go

I put the copper piece of paper on the mailbox so I would be sure to get the right spacing of the numbers.

Then I took the template off and covered up the rest of the mailbox with some newspaper.

Now let’s hammer some copper

I let it sit outside and get somewhat dry then I took off the tape and used a pin to peel the numbers out of the middle of the paint and when all the tape was peeled away I discovered that I didn’t put the tape down very well in some place ie the corners. Boo. Michael to the rescue with some naphtha and q-tips

Next step was get rid of the green dilapidated mailbox

Once we got past the rusted screws the old mailbox lifted right off and the new one went in it’s place

Isn’t it soooo pretty?!?!? The only thing that could possibly make this mailbox and better would be if there was an Ikea catalog in it. Oh look, there is

After we finished with the mailbox I stood back and looked at them and decided I want to make new mailboxes for all our neighbors for Christmas. The mailbox might go well with our deck chairs should they end up painted Koffee


Have you voted yet? What do you think about our mailbox? Do you have great ideas for our old mailbox?





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