Pumped for Punkins

Fall is here!

We’ve been looking at the fall decorations in stores since June and now we get to start seeing Christmas, but I’m still in fall mode for now. I love decorating for fall because I get to keep the decorations up for three whole months (September, October & November). While I’ve been watching the fall and Halloween decorations disappear in the stores and more and more Christmas stuff take it’s place, I thought I would start a “series” on holiday decor. I’m not much for series kind of things. Remember when Oprah would have Dr. Phil on one day, Dr. Oz another day? There was no spontaneity – and I’m all about spontaneity so while every Wednesday, you’ll want to visit for a cheap frugal way to decorate your home for the holidays – beginning with fall and Halloween and then moving into Christmas and winter (maybe continuing to spring), if I feel spontaneous, you might get two posts on a Wednesday. Did I mention that I’m going to make each one less than $10 and I promise to not play my “I had this on hand” card. You’re jazzed aren’t you?

The first project that will set you back about $1-$5 each. Break the bank, I know, sorry. I’m pretty excited about the treats that we’ll be giving out to the neighbor kids this year. I went to Dollar Tree to find something for those and found these little carvable pumpkins.

They aren’t as pretty as the ones from Target, but they are soooo much cheaper and for what I’m going to do with them, people won’t be looking at them really close, so it will work just fine. I was on Pinterest the other day (surprise, surprise) and found this really cute idea for lining a walkway for Halloween

Fab aren’t they? I would love them, but I don’t have those hooks and buying that many would put this project over budget so I put on my thinking cap and then started in on my project.

Step one: draw a face (kinda forgot to take the picture before I started cutting)

Step two: cut it out

Pretty basic pumpkin carving stuff right? We already have solar lights along the path to our front door so I cut a big hole in the bottom of the pumpkin for the light to fit through because what is a jack-o-lantern without a light?

Then I had to wait the longest 2 hours for it to get dark outside. So I waited

…and waited…

…and waited…

…and waited…

…and finally, it was dark. Voila!

If you look you can see the top of the light, but I promise the jack-o-lantern glows and I’m so exited to use them Halloween night

Since I promised the projects would be less than $10 I want to be sure to give you a breakdown of how much this would set you back if you had none of the supplies (cause I promised I wouldn’t play my “I had that on hand” card)

  • carving pumpkin – $1 from Dollar Tree
  • solar light – $2 at Target
  • Sharpie marker – $1 at Target
  • paring knife – $1 at Dollar Tree (for a pack of 4)

We had everything on hand except the pumpkin so these were $1 each for us! Since there are five lights lining the path to our front door, we’ll be putting five of these little things out on Halloween night to lead the trick-or-treaters to us. You might find me posting sneak peek pictures on facebook, so if you’re not a fan already, you might want to head there and become a fan of This DIY Life on facebook (and I’m kinda developing a complex about only having 18 fans). If you want to see some more holiday decor ideas, I’ve been pinning away on Pinterest, so check out my Holiday Decor board and follow it to keep up with all the other projects I keep pinning. Not on Pinterest? I’d be happy to send you an invite, just send me your email address (thisDIYlife@gmail.com) and I’ll get you an invite. I know I have fabulous readers and I would totally love to see what you would pin!

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3 thoughts on “Pumped for Punkins

  1. That’s a great idea! Don’t forget to take them off during the day so the solar lights can recharge!

    • Thanks! My husband said the same thing about taking them off. I have a feeling they will only light up once a week because I will forget that much 😉

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