Nummy Nummy

Part of being a DIYer (for me anyway) is cooking at home instead of going out to eat. As I was making one of my favorite meals last weekend, I decided I wanted to share it with someone. Of course I chose y’all! It’s so cheap and easy so it left me more time for painting and isn’t that the DIYer’s true goal?

A few years ago I joined a cooking website called Group Recipes. It’s kinda like a Pinterest for Cooks. You can follow people (see my page here) and the recipes they add and comment and rate them and if you’re looking for a dish with a certain ingredient you can search that way. This recipewas one of the first that I added and I thought I would share some of the comments that this has gotten

  • My family loved this! I have two picky boys and a picky husband. It’s not often they all rave about a meal. I did not have to tweek this recipe. It made it’s own gravy and we served them over garlic mashed potatoes. Egg noodles would probably work too. Super fast to make. I threw this together before we went off to church in less than 2 minutes.
  • This roast is fantastic! Lovely flavour a hit at my house!
  • OMG, this was the best ever pot roast I have made.

I took some pictures for you, but I must warn you that the lighting in my kitchen is terrible and I’m no food photographer. This recipe has only five ingredients and one of them is water! Awesome right?!?! If you’re ready for the absolute best roast you’ve ever had then keep reading. One condition, if you try it, you have to let me know what you think.

The five things you’ll need are

  • 1 package ranch dressing Mix
  • 1 package brown gravy mix
  • 1 package Italian dressing mix
  • beef roast that will fit in your crock pot
  • 1 cup water

Combine all of the mixes and the water together. I use this handy dandy little dressing mixer from Pampered Chef to make sure they are all mixed well

Put your roast in the crock pot and pour the mixture over the top of the roast

Cook on high for 6 hours or on low for 8 hours. For the last 1-2 hours, this is going to smell so good that you won’t want to let it finish cooking. This is the only way we make roast in our house now – it’s perfect!

I hope you’ll enjoy this easy dish in the crock pot this fall and winter. Why not try it this weekend? Don’t forget to let me know if you try it. Inquiring minds want to know!



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2 thoughts on “Nummy Nummy

  1. Jeremy can’t do ranch dressing. no milk products. What could you use instead?

    • We’re in the same boat here Stephanie! Ranch dressing has milk, but the ranch dressing mix doesn’t have milk in it so this should be safe for him. My husband can’t have milk products either and this one is good for him! When we finally determined that he had a dairy allergy I lost 75% of the recipes I used to make. I was soooo excited that we could still have this one!

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