Goin’ on an Apple Hunt

Do you have a favorite thing to do in the fall? Picking apples and pumpkins are among my favorite things to do. Saturday morning I got a call from my mom “Jenna, Evalee and me are going to Wilson’s Orchard today. Want to go with?” Um yeah…silly mommy. So we packed up the car and headed south.

The apple crop wasn’t great around here so as we were walking through the orchard, it wasn’t easy to find apples that were ripe and still on the tree. We were goin’ on a lion hunt an apple hunt. Oh look, we found one

We found more than just one apple, but not a whole lot. There was, however, a pumpkin patch full of pumpkins

Sure they had pumpkins at the store. Little baby pie pumpkins

and great big ones that were perfect little seats while we were waiting to get into the store

But there is something about picking your own pumpkin from the patch. It was a long walk up a big hill with a pumpkin, but it was worth it to get to the store where there were caramel apples, apple turnovers (that’s my mom holding what was left of hers)

I dropped the last bite of my turnover and I fully abided by the 5 second rule. Then there was my new love, apple cider slushies

Jenna and Evalee couldn’t stop slurping long enough to get a picture. Okay, maybe that’s not true and maybe this picture is posed for the purpose of using it in a blog post – maybe. I seriously must find out how to make those things. Oh…my…word! It was like a little piece of heaven in a cup! Enough about the slushies…for now. It was such a great day! But even cute shoes…

…can’t help with a sugar crash or a long walk

Have you made your trip to the apple orchard yet this fall? If not, I highly recommend getting there this weekend. Fresh apples are so much better than apples in the store. What a great family time! And similar to our April Ikea trip, you can probably tell that Evalee was the star of this show.

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One thought on “Goin’ on an Apple Hunt

  1. Kristen

    I had my first apple cider slushie at the orchard this year, too! Heaven on earth!!

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