Parakeet and Two cats

Michael: What are you doing?

Me: Spending some quality time in the kitchen with my new parakeet.

Michael: What parakeet?

Me: A bird…and this color of paint.

Remember the curtains that I made for the kitchen?

How about the state canvases that I made for the Pinterest challenge that now hang in our entry room?

The paint from the canvases was originally bought for a completely different project. After I bought the fabric for the kitchen curtains the two of us made a little trip to my Sherwin-Williams and Jane helped me pick out paint that would coordinate with the curtains…my parakeet. Here’s a relatively recent picture of our kitchen (from this post) before I went painting

Any guesses where the parakeet green was added?

I had been debating putting wallpaper on the backs of our currently open cabinets in the kitchen, but we had a few problems with that. It seems as though most things in our house were completely overdone or done halfway. Unfortunately, the cabinets were one of those halfway things. For starters, the doors on the cabinets didn’t close well (which is why they were removed pretty soon after we bought the house). With the doors removed, you can see that the back of this cabinet is the wall. Holding the cabinets to the wall are 1x4s. The good news is that when we take the cabinets off the wall for our big kitchen reno in a few years, they’ll be easy to take down. The bad news is that when it comes to wallpapering the backs of the cabinets, it wasn’t going to happen.

This is where my parakeet and I spent some quality time together. I love the color that it adds to the cabinets! I’m excited to get new dishes that will all be white so they contrast will be better than it is with our colored dishes. Before you think that I’m being totally wasteful and buying new dishes just to match my green that might not even be there after the kitchen reno, I have a better reason than that. Five years ago, my mom and McDad got us our first four place settings of some dishes that I loved at Kohl’s. Whenever I saw the dishes on sale for at least 50% off (cause I love a bargain) I would go and buy a plate/bowl/mug or two and put them away until we had a house. We were using the first four place settings and I kept getting mad at Michael for chipping dishes until I started chipping them too. We started pulling more and more out from the storage bins. Now, we have 12 place settings and less than 10 pieces that aren’t chipped or broken. You see, we really need new dishes for more than just my pretty pretty parakeet.

I’m really in love with the way the green looks behind my stemware. I got our stemware kinda the same way I got our other dishes. They are the classic stemware from Pier 1 (love that place) that used to cost $2 each and now are $2.50 each. Each pay day I would go to Pier 1 and buy 2-4 glasses until I had a full rounded out collection of stemware glasses. I used to have 12 of each, but we lost some in the move – some broke and some apparently apparated to a Quidditch field in England. Anyway, I’ll be trying to fill in the holes in my collection over then next few months. We don’t use them very often, so the fact that I have to get out a step stool to reach them hasn’t bothered me one bit. The water goblets get used the most often which is why they are down where I can reach them. The red wine and white wine glasses are the ones you see first.

On the shelves around the corner are the champagne glasses, margarita glasses and martini glasses. We don’t drink a lot of margaritas and martinis…actually, we’ve never made them at home, so to us the margarita glasses are ice cream dishes and the martini glasses are mashed potato bowls. The top shelf cabinet on the right holds glasses from our travels. We did have two, but one broke. Looks like we need to make another trip soon. Moving down a couple shelves is my favorite coffee mug. It’s a Starbucks lemon mug and I’m looking for a fourth one to replace a broken one. If you want me to love you forever,  finding me one (for the right price) would definitely be the way to my heart. Occasionally they show up on ebay for $30, but I’m still hoping to pay less for one. I also think that I need more of those copper baskets on the bottom shelf. They are $7 at Lowe’s and I love the organization they add to our open shelves without the rubbermaid tub feel. The one on the right is full of coffee (cause you know I love coffee) and the one on the right is full of s’more stuff (cause you know I love s’mores).

So, I’m dying to know what you think!?! Love the green? Hate the green? Be honest, I can handle it. How many of you thought that we actually brought a bird into our cat loving house? Come on, someone fess up! Anyone else hopelessly sarcastic like me? Did you find me a beloved lemon mug that wants to come make it’s home in Iowa?

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7 thoughts on “Parakeet and Two cats

  1. So freaking cute! That is such a fantastic color, and it does look amazing behind the stemware! I can’t wait to see a wide shot with the curtains!

    • Thanks Laura! I’m almost ready for the wide shot with the curtains and everything…just a little more painting to do before I post that one 🙂

  2. I think it looks awesome. Love the green! And I didn’t think twice about you buying white dishes to go with your new cupboards as white will pop with any color that you decide to go with in the future. That lemon cup is awesome by the way 🙂

    • Hubs was very nervous when I went with green, but now that it’s done he loves it too. Thanks for understanding on the dishes too 😉

  3. cornerofmain

    The green is super cute =) It makes me want to paint the inside of our cabinets.
    ~Kelly @ Corner of Main

  4. Kristen

    Sarcastic? Who?

    Okay, you will find this incredibly surprising, but that green is almost freaking identical to the color we painted our kitchen at our previous house…and less than a month later had to repaint to a boring tan to put it on the market. Our playroom at that house was also a bright green, and of course one of our little boy bedrooms here is a deep olive-y green. 🙂 Love me some green walls!

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