Replace the Roll

Tell me you haven’t said it. Tell me you haven’t, at some point, yelled through your house for someone to bring you some toilet paper. Maybe your scenario is that you’ve had to ask the stranger in the next stall for the same thing. When I saw this on Pinterest, I knew it was going to make it’s way into our bathroom!

Michael eats quite a bit of oatmeal and I’m always looking at the oatmeal containers thinking “What can I do with that?” One day, I took an oatmeal container like this one

Then I ripped the paper off it and was left with a  blank canvas

I invaded my trusty collection of wrapping paper that I find on sale and pulled out some red designed paper since this will be going in our half bathroom. I trimmed the paper so it would cover all the way around and have enough room to fold over onto the bottom

I folded the side under just like if I were wrapping a gift

I used a tape runner on the underside of the fold to stick it down and not show when it was done. Once that was stuck down, I flipped it over on its top, used my double sided tape runner to put a line of tape around the edge and folded the ends in towards the center

If you decide to take on this 5 minute project, you might want to consider the bathroom where you’re putting yours. Since ours was for the half bathroom, it is fine to have a paper container. If yours are going in a bathroom where there you have a shower, I would recommend making yours a little more waterproof. Sure you could just make another one with as easy as this project it, but it will be easy to make it last longer, so why not? The simple way to do this is contact paper. You could skip the wrapping paper altogether and just use some patterned contact paper. If you can’t find a patterned contact paper that will fit your decor, you can use some clear contact paper over the top of your wrapping paper. That way whether you’re a fan of lobster showers (ones that make your skin red like a lobster and make your bathroom like a sauna) or you have kids that shower you when they are taking a bath, this project would hold up in your full bathroom too!

I flipped it back over and added a couple rolls of Charmin and Voila! Ours is so stylin’ in our half bathroom, but most importantly I love having that extra toilet paper right by the toilet. I also love that I didn’t have to pay $20 for it like the toilet paper holder I saw at Target, I was able to upcycle that would be going into our garbage and for me this was totally free because I had everything in my crafty stash! Free is always my favorite price!

Hope you enjoyed this short sweet tutorial and sorry about the less than wonderful pictures…someday I’ll figure out my camera.

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One thought on “Replace the Roll

  1. Kristen

    Love! I have an empty oatmeal container waiting to be made into this…sitting with a bunch of other projects I intend to do. One day…

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