Pumpkins and TP

I totally missed out on Wednesday’s holiday decor post. We had a family emergency that has pretty much consumed the last week for us. But there was no way I would miss giving you a fall decor idea on the cheap. This is, quite possibly, the quickest and easiest idea you can do for fall. Without further ado, you will need just a few things for this project.

  • A roll of toilet paper – $1 at Dollar Tree or you can shop your bathroom too
  • Orange tissue paper – $1.99 at Target
  • Green tulle (about 3 inches) – $1.49 for a yard at JoAnn
  • Scissors – $1 at Dollar Tree
  • A stick from your (or your neighbor’s) yard – free
  •     Total $4.48 – and you’ll have plenty of leftover stuff to do a lot

I think it should take you less than five minutes to do this from start to finish, so get ready to start your timer. If you tissue paper is large, you’ll want to fold it in half, but you may not need to. Put the roll of toilet paper on one side of the tissue paper making sure there is enough on the two ends to gather in the middle of the roll of toilet paper.

Roll the tissue paper around the roll of toilet paper and tuck the ends into the middle of the tube.

Cut the tulle into eight pieces that are 3×6(ish). Break a piece off the stick and wrap the tulle around it.

Put this in the tube of wrapped toilet paper

Then unwrap the tulle a little to make leaf-type-things and put on the back of your toilet…or anywhere else you want to decorate with toilet paper pumpkins

I wanted these to be good through November so I’m not adding Jack faces to them, but that would be easy to cut out of black paper and tape or glue on. I also found some patterned tissue paper at Pier 1 (you know how I love that place) that is too cute to not use on this project! I’m going to have to do that very soon

Maybe you have some fabric laying around that would work instead of tissue paper. Check out this green polka dotty cuteness that I found via Pinterest.

This is another great way to store toilet paper in your bathroom in a pretty way. If you missed the last post, you can find that post here.

So, what was your time? How long did it take?

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